Felt 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet (10 Year Anniversary Edition) 4xLP

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Packaging includes 4xLP color in color vinyl, including original album and instrumentals, custom quad-fold jacket, full color printed sleeves, and free digital download card.
Record Store Day 2015, two of the biggest and most charismatic indie rappers are back with a 10 year anniversary edition of Volume 2 in their popular Felt series. Slug (Atmosphere/Rhymesayers) and Murs (Living Legends/Strange Music) returned to pay homage to another “underground" actress in need of a little well deserved attention. With a music bed completely created by Atmosphere's producer ANT, this 10 year anniversary edition comes with the complete original album, “20 Answers" bonus track and the never before available instrumentals. Packaged in a custom quad fold vinyl jacket with four color in color vinyl LPs. this is sure to make the ultimate collectors piece for any hip-hop fan.
Track listing:
01: Reintroduction
02: Employees of the Year
03: Your Mans and Them
04: Lisa [Never Easty On My Nextel]
05: Morris Day
06: Dirty Girl
07: Early Mornin' Tony
08: Breaker Down Like A Shotgun
09: Marvin Gaye
10: Life Vegas
11: Bonet [Cement Angels]
12: Woman Tonight
13: Gangster Ass Anthony
14: The Biggest Lie
15: I Shot A Warhol
16: 20 Answers [Bonus Track]
17: Employees of the Year (Instrumental)
18: Your Mans and Them (Instrumental)
19: Lisa [Never Easty On My Nextel] (Instrumental)
20: Morris Day (Instrumental)
21: Dirty Girl (Instrumental)
22: Early Mornin' Tony (Instrumental)
23: Breaker Down Like A Shotgun (Instrumental)
24: Marvin Gaye (Instrumental)
25: Life Vegas (Instrumental)
26: Bonet [Cement Angels] (Instrumental)
27: Woman Tonight (Instrumental)
28: Gangster Ass Anthony (Instrumental)
29: The Biggest Lie (Instrumental)
30: I Shot A Warhol (Instrumental)