Prof "Project Gampo" CD

Option one

Minneapolis MCs Prof and Rahzwell team up with the Southern producing team Beatchefs for an album that unites the unique sounds of Midwest hip hop with the Dirty South. Recommended to us by Interlock Records, Project Gampo is a dizzying upbeat and uptempo affair with unorthodox, lyrics and personal storytelling layered on top. So on the outside what appears to be a couple of dudes emulating the styles of the South is actually in disguise the exact type of blue collar rap and personal life story telling that the Twin Cities and many of its more successful artists have become known for. - Access Hip Hop

Track Listing:

  1. Monster
  2. Rocket Man
  3. Gold Teeth (feat. Rahzwell)
  4. Move & Grind
  5. Run Game
  6. Lost Cause (feat. Rahzwell)
  7. City or Lakes (freestyle)
  8. Bubble Up (feat. Rahzwell)
  9. Rolling Stone
  10. Ohh Baby
  11. I Dry Heave
  12. Down Dirty
  13. Mother