Eyedea & Abilities “E&A" Double Picture Disc Vinyl

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Eyedea and Abilities is what you get when you combine the very best of two opposite ends of hip-hop's musical spectrum. On one end you have MC/Lyricist, Eyedea, who has proven himself time and time again not only as an extraordinary song writer, but also as a master at battling and the art of freestyling. On the other end you have Abilities, the DJ/Turntablist, whose talent from the battle, to mix tape, to production has resonated on the underground for quite some time now. When you put these two extremes together, you get the new, innovative and exciting dynamic we like to call E&A.
E&A is the album that defined the careers of Eyedea & Abilities and launched them into the spotlight of each of their trades. A truly iconic hip-hop record and a must have for any hip-hop fan.
Available for the first time in over 5 years, this newly packaged exclusive record store vinyl comes in a die cut jacket containing two picture disc pieces of vinyl, each side containing their own unique image along with a full color printed 2-panel insert and a free digital download card.

Track Listing:

  1. Reintroducing
  2. Now
  3. Kept
  4. Exhausted Love
  5. Star Destroyer feat. Carnage
  6. Paradise
  7. One Twenty
  8. Man Vs. Ape
  9. Get Along
  10. Two Men And A Lady
  11. E&A Day
  12. Act Right
  13. Glass