RedefineHipHop: Akbar of Mental Giants Interview Parts 1-4 of 5!

March 11, 2013 2 min read



Originally from The Bronx New York, Akbar is a pivotal figure in the development and early stages of the Chicago Hip Hop scene. There’s not a lot of recorded history of Chicago’s early Hip Hop beginnings out there, but what I have found shows the time period of ’79-’82 to have some Hip Hop activity, but most prominently on the Graf scene with guys like Nick Salsa, Slang,and Trixster. However, in this same time frame Akbar and his family made the move from New York to Chicago and amiss a couple moves back and forth between the two cities, Akbar (then known as MC Amazing A and by his Graf tag Stane Rock) started his mission to make Chicago more like New York.

In our five-part interview we discuss his history in great detail. In Part One he just jumps deep into it, so I didn’t need to ask any questions. I just figured I’d back track to fill in any blanks, which I do in later parts of the series. Here’s some of what is discussed in this first segment:


-His key influences, including his father who was also an MC

-How the Nation Of Islam affected his life early on and how that resulted to his family moving to Chicago

 -His transition from New York to Chicago and how he couldn’t find any Hip Hop there

-His early days of doing Graf in Harlem and Chicago

-How he met P Lee Fresh (his partner in Mental Giants) and how that lead to them forming T.C.P aka The Crowd Pleasers


-His early work with P-Lee Fresh a.k.a Parker Lee and forming Mental Giants 

-How he built his skills up in the 80s -We fast-forward to his work with the Raptivism Label 

-How he connected with Jamalski and why he didn’t get a deal back then 

-His eventual deal with Ill Boogie Recordsto drop “Big Bang Boogie”
PART THREE: -Details behind the Big Bang Boogie Album

-What he’s been doing since Big Bang Boogie

-Starting Jazz Child Records with P Lee Fresh

-His thoughts on the art of Freestyling

-Some of his MC battle history


-Building with people on the Boston Hip Hop scene

-How he ended up on the KRS One “Keep Right” album

-Connecting with producer Soul Supreme

-Developing the “Planet X” album

-He speaks about P-Lee Fresh’s days on WNUR

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