Time Travel Radio Reunion + Happy Bird Day 2013 w/Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Get Cryphy DJs, Akbar and More!!

February 26, 2013 4 min read

TICKETS ON SALE FOR THIS CHICAGO SHOW THiS FRIDAY online and at METRO box office in Chicago!!

Metro 30th Anniversary

Happy Bird Day / Time Travel Reunion

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Metro

3730 N. Clark Street

Chicago, IL


$25 (plus $1 restoration fee)

Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Get Cryphy DJs (Plain Ole Bill, Last Word, Jimmy2times), Akbar, DJ Pratt, DJ Spontaneous & VERY Special Guests

In 1992 I started Rage Promotions, an indie promotions company that represented a host of indie labels, major labels, and clothing companies, with the primary goal of making contacts in the industry to open the doors for the artists I was working with, which stems from the Rage Cage Studios/Artist Managementthat I started in ’87. One of the regular stops on my promotional rounds was WNUR 89.3. It was located in Evanston at Northwestern University, so it was on the way home to Waukegan/North Chicago from Chicago where I always focused my work, but also I wanted to spend extra time at WNURbecause it had personal significance. When I first moved to Chicago in the Fall of ’84 I didn’t know where to find out about new Hip Hop, until a friend, S.P.O, put me up on the Street Program on WNUR with hosts like P Lee Fresh a.k.a Parker Lee (of The Mental Giants), Sweet MD, Larry Lar, and T Shab Lee (? Spellng). It was tuning in to WNUR that kept me updated on the newest and most innovative Hip Hop. I could never thank the station enough.

On 4-20-95 I was asked to come sit in to host a radio program for one night because the regular host couldn’t make it. I was selected because I spent many hours there talking about Hip Hop and bringing rare demos and songs to play, which was apparently enough to convince the Program Director, Shawn Boogie Boyd, that I was suited to host the show, at least for a night. I had never thought about radio, but it was intriguing and it was just a one-shot, so how bad could it be. I did the show and I loved it. That was bitter-sweet because it opened a desire to do more and I didn’t know how to get another chance…that was until I got the call to come back the next week, the regular host never returned and I maintained that time slot until 2002 and my move to Minneapolis to work with Rhymesayers.

My original goal with the show was just to play all the songs that I never heard on the radio or that I felt people didn’t pay enough attention to. I didn’t want to follow the trends or formats I wanted to make my own. The show went about six months un-named until one day it just hit me…Time Travel. That’s what I wanted to do, transfer listeners to the various eras of Hip Hop, explore all the various styles it birthed, and eventually learn to use Hip Hop as a medium to communicate any subject. That is was what Time Travel was about. It was a challenging goal and a powerful statement I wanted to make. I feel as if I achieved that, at least to some degree, due to the loyal and ever-growing following the show commanded.

Not only that, but the impact of the show reached beyond the radio waves. Time Travel was responsible, in various degrees, for exposing the Chicago area to some rising underground talents and conglomerates, such as Rhymesayers, Edan, Labtekwon, Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, Anticon, Buck 65, Mr Lif, Micranots, Juggaknots, Cage, Company Flow, Project Blowed, Arsonists, Peanut Gallery, Molemen, Prime, Robust, Qwel, Matlock, Immortal Griffen, Oldominion, Whatnoxic, Thawfor, Qualoheem, Thawfor, Sidewalk Skolaz, Non-Phixion,  Atmos Family, Encore, Mark B & Blade, Loop Troop, Offwhyte, J.U.I.C.E, Rhymefest, Blueprint, Illogic, Styles Of Beyond, The Last Emperor,the re-emergence of Stedy Serv and countless others.

Soon the hunger for these artists went beyond the radio and the doors were open for many of them to come to Chicago to do shows. First, at smaller venues, but in the span of just a few short years, heavily weighted with the explosion in popularity of the Rhymesayers Collective, we were selling out major venues like Metro.

After a few very successful random events in 2000, J Bird approached Kevin a.k.a AMC about doing a special show to commemorate the Time Travel Radioanniversary in April, which also coincided in a close time frame with his birthday and with that the Time Travel/Birdcage Birthday April 13th shows at Metro were born! After three consecutive annual sold events the shows were discontinued being that both of the creators of the event had moved to Minneapolis to work with Rhymesayers. Time Travel Radio and those anniversary shows were a prominent factor in that encouraging that to take place. However, with 2013 being 10 years since the last event, we felt it was the perfect time to enact a rebirth. Time Travel Radio and Birdcage merge once again in celebration of quality innovative indie Hip Hop, April 13th, 2013 with Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Akbar, Get Cryphy DJs (Plain Ole Bill, Last Word, Jimmy2Times), and very special unannounced guests!

Written By Kevin "AMC The Time Traveler" Beacham

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