Fifth Element Digital the next evolution!!

February 19, 2013 1 min read


Maybe you’ve peeped this, but perhaps you have not, Fifth Element has recently launched a couple of our exclusive CD projects with digital sales option as well.

This is taking us one critical step forward in the preparation of selling more digital music. Just a few more tweaks, upgrades and a whole lot of data entry and we will unveil the next level of the FE digital game!!

As for now, digital sales are available for these FE Exclusives as digital deluxe versions!

Abstract Rude & Musab “The Awful Truth” (includes album instrumentals and acapellas!)

Auddio Draggon (Mr Gene Poole & Xilam Balam) “Magnate” (includes album instrumentals!)

Both titles are still available on CD as well and are limited edition! We are down to just about 30 copies of Auddio Draggon before it transitions into digitally exclusitivity!

Stay tuned for more digital options announcing soon!

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