Mixed Reviews: DJ Nikoless (Featuring Plain Ole Bill)-Production Credits: DJ Mark The 45 King (May 2010)

February 11, 2013 3 min read


Didn't do any writing this weekend, despite thinking it would be a all writing weekend... Anyway, that in mind I had been meaning to post more mixes on the blog for a while. In honor of Chill Rob G being the Mic Math Monday focus for tonight, I thought this mix was fitting to get up today...

Another edition in the DJ Nikoless Production Credits Series! This was recorded in April/May of 2010 in honor of me booking DJ Mark The 45 King to DJ at the Soundset Festival. However, I had been sitting on the concept for this for over 10 years, but just never got around to recording it, that was just the inspiration I needed. The Mix features over an hour of 45 of DJ Mark's greatest and/or overlooked productions. 

-Mix Liner Notes: When it comes to raw drum loops, powerful horn samples, and an impressive and versatile list of collaborators, few do it as nice as DJ Mark The 45 King. This mix is merely a fraction of his musical excellence. This mix was as fun to make as it was challenging. His beats are filled with unique drum patterns, dramatic intros, and I’m guessing some lack of quantizing for a more organic feel (or my blend skills are slipping…ha). Per usual, I have chopped, spliced and edited songs to fit just right and slipped in a variety of subliminal messages/musical metaphors with the blends and sequencing for the those want to dig deeper. Here it is, 79 Minutes of The 45 King! Oh yeah, I definitely didn’t plan the 45-song thing that must have been destiny (with a little cheating)…

Thanx To: Plain Ole Bill for the cuts/scratches (sorry for the misspelling on the credits...too much rushing...#FAIL). DJ Anton for hooking up the cover on the mega last minute request. DJ Haulfor making the connection. Most importantly, to DJ Mark The 45 King for 22+ years of quality beats, under-appreciated rhyme skills, and turntable mastery. R.I.P Apache, Markey Fresh, Guru, Lord Dumar of Class A Felony...all artists who blessed DJ Mark beats in the past!

Nikoless Presents “Production Credits: The 45 KING” (Vol. 1) Featuring Cuts By Plain Ole Bill

 1)45 King (feat Plain Ole Bill)-Intro (Bonus Beat: Turn The Party Out Instrumental ’88)

2)Markey Fresh-The King Is Here! ‘88

3)Sugar Ray & Stranger D-Knock Em Out Sugar Ray Remix ‘89

4)King Sun-Fat Tape ‘89

5)Wildchild-Two Five ‘04

6)Lakim Shabazz-All True & Living ‘88

7)Queen Latifah w/45 King-A King & Queen Creation  ‘89

8)45 King & Lady Champain-Welcome To The Terror Dome ‘99

9)Bigga Sistas-1,2,3  ‘93

10)Cold Crush Bros-We Reserve The Right To Rock [45 King Remix] ’96 (Bonus Beat: Packet Man Remix)

11)Markey Fresh-The Mack Of Rap ‘89

12)Chill Rob G-Court's In Session [Simply Dope pt 2 Blend] ’89

13)X-Clan-Heed The Words Of The Brother ‘89

14)Def Jef-Soul Provider ‘91

15)The Jaz-Rhymes For Da Funny Farm ‘91

16)Gang Starr-Gusto ‘89

17)Gang Starr-To Be A Champion ‘87

18)Queen Latifah-Wrath Of Maddness ’88 (Bonus Beat: Simply Dope Pt 1 ‘89)

19)Latee-No Tricks ‘87  (Bonus Beat: Live Wire)

20)Lakim Shabazz-Don’t Try Us ‘88

21)Chill Rob G-Motivation ‘89

22)Def Jef-Don’t Sleep (Open Your Eyes) ‘91

23)Diamond D-Best Kept Secret Remix ‘93

24)Markey Fresh-The Mack Of Rap Remix Instrumental ‘88

25)Jay Z-Check It Out ‘99

26)Esoteric-Frank Miller Tank Killer ‘07

27)Salt N Pepa-My Mic Sounds Nice Remix ‘90

28)Latee-Latee Rocks The Bells ‘99

29)Common-Car Horn ‘99

30)Craig Mack-Wooden Horse ‘01

 31)Rasco-Run The Line ‘99

32)Diamond D-Check One ,Two Instrumental ‘92

33)45 King/Markey Fresh-The Freestyle ‘88

34)45 King-Catchin’ A Tude ‘89

35)Gang Starr-Knowledge ‘88

36)Lakim Shabazz-Style Wars ‘90

 37)MC-Lyte-Kamukaze ‘91

38)Queen Latifah/Apache-Smooth Inside Yet Hard Out ‘88/’90

39)Queen Latifah-Princess Of The Posse Org + Remix ‘88

40)Eminem-Stan ‘99

41)Class A Felony-Hostage ‘91/’93

42)The Jaz-Sign Of The Crimes ‘91

43)Eric B & Rakim-Let The Rhythm Hit Em [Do Fa Self Blend]  ‘90/’93

44)45 King-The 900 # Outro/Intro [Cuts By Plain Ole Bill]

45)Moment of Silence for Apache, Guru, Lord Dumar & Markey Fresh… R.i.P

Written By Kevin "DJ Nikoless" Beacham

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