Microphone Mathematics: Vooodu! Part Two Of Two!!

February 07, 2013 3 min read


Vooodu! followed his “One Life To Live” b/w “2 Deadly Sins” single with the “Dark Regions” EP and I was highly anticipating  it. When it finally dropped I was slightly disappointed, not because it wasn’t good, but nothing was quite as potent as “2 Deadly Sins”. There were some sold moments, just not quite of an equal caliber of what I was expecting. In a sense it seems as if he was just toying with us with the EP and was holding back in anticipation of hitting the world with an official LP at a later date…which never came.

I was further convinced of that when I heard his Wake Up Show appearances that I assume took place around that time. Two verses in particular were better than anything on the EP, the best verses I have ever heard from him in fact, “I resurrect dead legions like Mussolini/Hand him a gun so we can both clean up the industry/You can’t crucify the mic Christ/half-man, half-goat, with a triple throat, darkness is your absence of life/And that’s where I’m at/Between curiosity and terror/You can’t crush the evil regime, that’s out to destroy the world, causing the new Western Hemisfear era/When I leave the scene authorities say, ‘It must have been the work of werewolves’/skin of copper, hair of lambs wool/The odd god, ruler of Babylon/crossing that fine line, walking the path of Genghis Kahn/You know better than test the 22nd letter/I betcha never tested a Beretta/I might let it slide, but eventually I satisfy all my vendettas!”

After hearing that, I thought it could probably get no better and then he immediately followed with this, “I’ll pitch a tent on Mount Communism/And curse the world with my version of Nazi-ism/2-bit Rappers don’t even qualify/They (are) irrelevant/Because now I battle Presidents/Monarchs and Kings and things/From the Nadia to the Zenith/Powerful, breaking age old peace agreements/I grind n****as to gravel/Mix ‘em in with the pebbles on the shores of the English Channel/Part of me was born in West Germany/Scalpel style, no anesthesia and brain surgery/I produce raw materials, like petroleum and coal/natural gas and uranium/meat and fish, corn and rice/wheat, lead and zinc and hydro-electricity/My Iranian trained cranium is saturated with the techniques of the Ayatollah Khomeini/Twenty Five thousand, two hundred square miles of styles just like Lithuania/In the Soviet Union, I’ll stomp you, you and you’n/Screaming, ‘Allah U Akbar!’ before you ruined/You NEVER heard of anyone EVER breaking the law of the raw jaw and surviving/Ultimate when it comes to rhyme contriving/Enemies is dying soon as they hear my lines arriving/I drown ni***s in the Ganges/Turn around and bury they remains in the Andes/It’s ironic, my phonics worse than Reaganomics in the 80s/I’m an evil ocean, surrounded by Satan’s Navy/Hemisfear ’97!!”

Unfortunately, a LP never followed and neither did much else. The exceptions are a few demos featuring Vooodu! that have been circulated among underground collectors, including some of the aforementioned tracks, as well as posse cuts such as “Take A Deep Breath (Original and the Remix) and “Handle The Truth”. Not long after, to the best of my knowledge, Vooodu! basically disappeared from the scene. Years later while searching for him, after not hearing any material for many years, I discovered that he was briefly signed to Epic Records in Germany and had a single for a track called “Confessions” in ‘99. The promotions and press for the track has a more clean cut image and it lead me to believe, or rather fear, the song might be on the topic of love confessions… It is not. Even though there’s some R&B-ish singing and more polished production, the topic is in the vein of “One Life To Live”. There was talk of an album following this single, but again, that never transpired. Leaving another shelved collection of music from Vooodu!.

For over a decade I’ve been on a mission to track down Vooodu! to solve some of the mysteries of these unreleased projects or find out what he is up to now. I have some promising leads, so I’m hopeful that will soon be a reality. Additionally, I’m hopeful there is some unheard music that is closer to the vein and verbal intensity of “2 Deadly Sins”, “Pay The Price”, and those Wake Up Show Freestyles. The hunt continues to explore the innovative dark regions of the mind of the man known as Vooodu!!

Written By Kevin Beacham

Vooodu! and Mykill Myers Wake Up Show Freestyle:


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