The Return Of The Mighty Micranots (DJ Kool Akiem + I Self Devine)!!

January 30, 2013 2 min read 1 Comment

Tickets go on sale for the release party on Friday 2/1 at 11am CST and are available at Fifth Element.


After a ten-year hiatus, I Self Devine and DJ Kool Akiem return to 7th Street Entry for a special performance. Celebrating the digital release of their 2000 underground classic “Obelisk Movements”, they will be performing songs exclusively from the album.

The Micranots formed in the early 90s and quickly established themselves as a integral and influential fixture in the Twin Cities Hip Hop scene. A few years later they migrated to Atlanta and built a strong foundation in the thriving scene there. After any years of paid dues, several self-released projects, countless live shows and focused determination, "Obelisk Movements" was released in 2000 on Subverse Records. The album is lauded by many fans and critics as a classic, but not long after the release the label folded before it could reach its maximum potential. 

Regardless, the fall of a record label was not enough to stop the momentum of The Micranots. They continued to push forward and cement themselves as a force to be reckoned with. In 2003, they released their follow-up album, "The Emperor & The Assasin" on the Rhymesayers label. Then, after 10+ years of building The Micranots brand, Kool Akiem and I Self Devine, went their separate ways to work on solo projects, leaving behind a legacy of great music and unforgettable performances. It's been 10 years since their last time on stage together, until now!

Stay tuned for a special video series detailing the story behind "Obelisk Movements", including behind stories from the group, memories from artists/people who were a part of the experience, a song by song breakdown, and more!!

In honor of this special event we've introduced a brand new limited edition Micranots Shirt! Pre Order yours now and have it in time to   wear at the show. Also, there is an option to bundle the shirt with one of the last remaining original print Obelisk Movements CDs!

 -Follow The Movement: @TheMicranots

-An In-depth Review I Did On "Obelisk Movements" last year: READ IT

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June 16, 2017

is this shirt still available?

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