B-Boy J-Sun "Hip Hop" at the Cowles Center!!

January 15, 2013 2 min read


J-Sun is a man who is very passionate about what he does and the history that it is attached to. He is a B-boy for life and continues to learn, teach and show love to the Culture that birthed the movement, Hip Hop. As a member of the legendary Twin Cities B-Boy crew, the Battlecats, as well as his own efforts, he's put in work for over 20 years in this scene and beyond. From battling to teaching to well-informed writing to his sold out theater performances J-Sun continues to build. 

His upcoming show at the Cowles Center is this weekend! It features a local cast of musicians, B-Boys, B-Girls and more! Inclues live music by Saltee, a battle with Looney Tunes vs Optimistic Crew, and more. As for a basic show overview here's a quick piece from the press release: 

The evening will begin with How I Met H.E.R, an introduction to the cast and exploration of how each met Hip Hop and progress through various collaborations of funkstyles and breaking to introspective and retrospective pieces by J-Sun and other. This is a rare glimpse into the Hip Hop world and how these dancers are working to bridge the gap that exists between traditional dance genres and street dancing.

Last year’s show sold out so get your tickets early. Performance tickets are $22 including fees and are available at www.thecowlescenter.orgor by calling 612.206.3600. Student discounts available.

I was very upset with myself for missing J-Sun's last show because of a previous engagement, but I made sure not to let that happen twice! I kept the schedule clear and got my tickets earlier and I'm ready to enjoy the master(s) at work. I'm hoping to see a mixed crowd filled with dance appreciators of all forms, some curious spectators and of course the Hip Hop community. I feel that the B-Boy/Girl community too often gets isolated into its own separate world. I see the B-Boys and B-Girls at the DJs nights and the Rap shows supporting the MCs, but I don't always see enough of those people at the B-Boy/Girl events. In the Hip Hop community we need to make sure we support the whole of our scene. It does't just matter for the show to sell out the tickets, but a healthy portion of that attendance should be from the community where this tradition originated...

Show dates are January 18th and 19th at 8 PM! I got my tickets and you need to get yours!

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