MN Local Moguls & Hopefuls 2013

January 14, 2013 1 min read

So, I'm working on yet another "secret project", which will soon be unveiled (insert mad scientist laugh here). For said project, I'm trying to see what people are feeling on the LOCAL Hip Hop Scene. I don't really need to know what you are NOT feeling, so to keep it focused and tell me what you ARE feeling and if you feel so impassioned, then add why it is among the freshest? MN Hip Hop only please. The only other rule is that I'm looking for hearing from people who are FANS of the music, not people promoting themselves, so keep that in mind. 

-To Review, Here's What You Do:

1)Think of who your current favorite Local Hip Hop Artist(s)

2)Post their name(s) in the comments

3)List Why if you feel so inclined

4)Add a link to a song or music video 

I'm interested to see what you peoples are excited about in 2013!

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