Hip Hop Essentials Rhymesayers Class Song Leak: MaLLy + Medium Zach!

December 18, 2012 1 min read

Tomorrow night (12-19-12) it is the Hip Hop Essentials class showcase with headliners Brother Ali & Plain Ole Bill.Only $5 and 18+ at the Triple Rock!!! DJ Blaze One, Aikiiltm & Styilent P and the Hip Hop Essentials class present "A Moment In Time"... RSVP NOW!

You might know this already but...Hip Hop Essentials is a college level course at The Institute Of Production and Recording in Downtown Minneapolis. Every quarter the students get to work with Rhymesayers artists and other indie artists to learn techniques, recording/studio processes and also witness songs getting created live in the class! "I AM" is a track that was done in our Spring 2012 Quarter. Medium Zachcame in and made this beat in the class (from pre-chosen samples). We then gave the beat to MaLLyand he had a week to write a verse and hook then came in the following week and had a hour to lay the vocals and talk about the process of making the song. This is what what came from that unique collaboration! 

-TRACK: MaLLy "I Am" [Produced/Mixed By Medium Zach] (Recorded in Mastermix Studios @ IPR/Mixed At Zach's crib)

-FOR MORE INFO ON "Hip Hop Essentials": http://www.ipr.edu/rhymesayers


MaLLy "The Last Of The Great..." [Follow On Twitter: @MaLLy]

Big Quarters "Somos No Joke" [Follow On Twitter: @mediumzach]

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