RedefineHipHop: Johnny Juice Rosado Part One (Of Two)!!

December 05, 2012 2 min read


Johnny Juice Rosado is one of the most hardworking, motivated, Culture dedicated, and well-rounded natural talents you will find! In the 80s and 90s he was one of the best technical scratch DJs on wax. He’s probably most known for his scratch and production work with Public Enemy and the Bomb Squad, but his history goes much deeper than that.

In Part One of our interview he talks about his early days of Hip Hop from growing up in the Bronx and moving to Long Island at a young age. We discuss his start as a B Boy and how that transformed into him being intrigued with the turntables. He speaks in great detail about his early mentors from Long Island, DJ Will and DJ Hig. We find out how he first connected with Spectrum City, right around the time they were becoming Public Enemy and recording “Yo! Bumrush The Show.” He also gives a lot of history and his involvement in the early years of members of Leaders Of The New School; KB MC a.k.a Charlie Brown and Kid Craze a.k.a Busta Rhymes. He speaks about early work with UBC members: E Ski Spectacular and D-Nasty. He also gives a detailed glimpse of how he ended up doing cuts on Public Enemy albums and some details on his scratch credits!

In Part Two Johnny Juice speaks about the forming of Kings Of Pressure, the start of the Bomb Squad, his days on WHRU Radio, his production background, why he left Public Enemy, and recent and upcoming projects!!

Connect With Johnny Juice Rosado:

Written, Filmed And Interviewed By Kevin Beacham 
Video Edited By Dan Schlueter 
VIdeo Filmed At Fat Beats Distribution In Brooklyn, NY

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