Fifth Element Black Friday Sale 2012 (In-Store + Online)!!

November 02, 2012 2 min read 1 Comment

Ah, the trees are soon to be barren, fashion choices will make their necessary shift, and lots of new cool stuff will make its way into the world. While Fifth Element/Rhymesayers may have no direct link to nature's natural course, we do have much to add to the other two points...2 out of 3 is good enough for us.

Fifth Element Black Friday goes down on 11.23.12 from 9 AM until 7 PM and we have quite the day planned for you! Whether you are in driving distance and come experience the ambiance in person or those who live to far away, though perhaps wish they did not, so they shop online, we have a wealth of treats, new items, sale pricing and gift suggestions for you!

Here's a overview of what to expect at our Black Friday Event [All Deals Available in-Store and Online!!]

-Select Twin Cities Artists Special Door Busters Sale for just $4.99!! (9 AM-11 AM ONLY!)

-Rhymesayers "Frozen" Crew Neck Shirts Door Buster Sale: 50% OFF (9 AM-11 AM ONLY!)

-Rhymesayers "Super Hero Series" T Shirts (Iron Man, Spider Man, or Incredible Hulk!)

-Abstract Rude + Musab "Awful Truth" CD Release Date!!

-Brand new Atmosphere and Rhymesayers T Shirts And Hoodies!

-Introducing Rhymesayers and Atmosphere Youth Hoodies!! (Guaranteed to be the cutest thing ever...)

-Brand New Fifth Element and MN Nice T Shirt Designs!

-Black Friday Exclusive Limited Edition T Shirts From Rhymesayers, MN Nice, and Fifth Element!!

-Select Rhymesayers CDs at 50% (40 Different Titles To Choose From! List Coming Soon!)

-Select Rhymesayers Deluxe Vinyl 20% Off!

-Atmosphere Hardcore "Green" Color T Shirt on sale for $14.99!

-Atmosphere Family Sign "Navy" Color T Shirt on sale for $14.99!

-Rhymesayers Collegiate T Shirt Sale (all colors except "Blue") for $14.99!

-Green Colored Rhymesayers Snap Back Hat on sale for $19.99!

-Soundset 2009 Screen Print Posters for only $2.50!!

-Scribble Jam DVDs for only $4.99!!

-Lots of Discounted CDs and Vinyl! 30%-50% Off!!

-Giveaways All Day

-Big Quarters "Somos No Joke" CD Release

-Hannibal Buress "Animal Furnace" Limited Edition Colored Vinyl (Only 100 Pressed!)

Stay tuned for details on these deals and who knows, maybe we'll come up with some other exciting options!! 

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nick pasquale
nick pasquale

November 25, 2012

hey guys happy holidays! i wanted to buy a bunch of t’s and hoodies from a bunch of your artists but almost everything i tried purchasing was out of stock but listed as in stock :( please get more stuff total bummer!

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