Animated Video: Distrakt "Book Of Rhymes" Series (2012)

October 10, 2012 3 min read 1 Comment

Distrakt a.k.a Omar Jones is a true renaissance man in Hip Hop. Since I became aware of him about 6-7 years ago I've been impressed by his well-rounded and various talents as an MC, Producer, Video Animator, Claymation Artist, Action Figure Creator, Website Designer, etc... But, it doesn't stop there. Not only is he handling all the artistic aspects of his career, he's also in the managerial seat to handle promotions, marketing, project management, merchandising, booking and any other facet needed to function in this wacky world of music. Through it all Distrakt remains humble, inspired, and creative. 

Based in Colorado Springs, Distrakt and I share a few common connections. As a youth I briefly lived in Colorado Springs, as did one of the artists that I work with at Rhymesayers. Ant of Atmosphere lived there for some time and adding to the story, Ant and Distrakt worked on music together circa 1988/1989. I'm still trying to get my hands on some of those pieces of Hip Hop History...

On another note, I'm notoriously bad at watching videos. They require too many of my sensory tools at the same time and I'm always trying to do multiple things. Half the time I start a video I don't finish it... if it's a song I haven't heard before I usually find myself opening another webpage and end up just listening to it while I continue to work. When Distrakt sent me his latest animated series, "Book Of Rhymes" I was instantly intrigued because I remembered how fresh the last one was he had sent me last year, "Adjust", featuring Count Bass D as an animated figure and an exclusive song. He also directed a Count Bass D music video for the track "Neon Soul". 

In any event, it took me a few days to finally get around to checking out "Book Of Rhymes" and when I did I was pleasantly distracted into watching the whole thing...with a smile on my face. His style has an Old School 70s Saturday Morning Cartoons feel, but with more elaborate animation and a nice future-primitive touch. Everything looks and sounds right. The character voices are perfect, the colors are vivid and complimentary to each other, the sound-effects are vibrant, the expressive faces are captivating, and the musical accompaniments force the head to nod and although the beats are perfect for the scene, you are left also wondering how they might sound on a new Distrakt album as well.

From each scene to the next you find yourself filled with curiousness as to what bizarre gadgetry might be put to use to fight off the incoming forces of adversity. There's humor, sci-fi action, and unfolding drama, all wrapped up in a Hip Hop essence as Distraktpushes forward to recover his much desired "Book Of Rhymes". Yet, it all comes to an end before said goal can be achieved. To Be Continued... Multiple sensory engagement indeed.

Distrakt just announced his next upcoming video release titled Zig Zag Squad, featuring him alongside the legendary Prince Poetry of Organized Konfusion due to launch 11-17-12!!

CONNECT WITH DISTRAKT: Check out his work, support his cause with donations or by buying his merchandise because we need to see more of this series and beyond!! He also just let me know that has a new solo album in the works!






Written By Kevin Beacham, an avid lover of 70s Cartoons

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November 18, 2012

So much info in so few words. Totlsoy could learn a lot.

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