Soundset 2012: Last Of The Record Buyers Producer Interviews!!!

October 04, 2012 2 min read

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The Last Of The Record Buyers showcases at Soundset are generally broken up into 3 different sections; Featured Producer Performance, Beat Showcase, and Sample Challenge. Our 2012 featured performer was DiVINCi of Solillaquists of Sound.His set was crazy and we have videos of his performance coming soon! The beat showcase is simple as it sounds. We assemble some of the Twin Cities most creative and talented upcoming producers, as well as some national powerhouses, and let them showcase a taste of their finest new creations. As for the Sample Challenge, it changes every year, but the premise is the same. A month before the event we give 5 producers some samples and they have that time frame to produce new tracks based on what we provide for them. This year the theme was "Summer" so between Big Quarters and myself we picked a bunch of 60s, 70s, and 80s songs that have Summer theme's and put them in box and had producers draw which two songs they had to sample. You can watch a video of them drawing their songs HERE. In the video below we talk with most of the producers from the event. They talk about their experience preparing for Soundset, breakdown some details to their beats, announce new projects, and whatever else comes to mind. Interviews included; 

Sample Challenge Producers; Noam The Drummer, Sundance Kid, Amati Produces, J Hard [Not featured Xilam Balam]

Beat Showcase: Young Federal, J-Zone, DiVINCi [Not featured Willie Evans JR, Jake One, Psymun, Zavala]

Also, in case you missed, Soundset 2012 was also the release date for the Last Of The Record Buyers “Collaboration’s The Key” Compilation, featuring collaborative tracks from over 50 different Producers, MCs, DJs, Human Beatbox, and Vocalists! Features: Big Quarters, Chief Kamachi, Masai Bey, Plain Ole Bill, Primecut, Open Mike Eagle, X: 144, Optiks, Bionik, K Raydio, GMO, Kool Akiem, MaLLy, Murdoc, Cecil Otter, I.B.E, Bionik, Illogic, Noam The Drummer, Mike Swoop, Mr. Gene Poole, Midwest Konnect, Scheme, DJ SPS, Blockhead, Toki Wright, Dispute One, I-20, O-D, Noam The Drummer, Katrah Quey, Longshot, Sean Anonymous, King Otto, Definition Baroque, DJ Pain 1, Bobby Raps, Julian Fairbanks, Silas Black, JEL, Midwest Konnect, Jbux, DJ Name, Swam (Sol. Of Sound), DJ Snuggles, Dimitry Killstorm, So-Leen, Greg Grease, DJ Todda, NoCanDo, Benzilla, Joshua Gunn, Illustrate, Kevin Beacham, and Jimmy2Times!

This is a limited edition CD of only 500 copies, so get yours!!!

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