Soundset 2012: Last Of The Record Buyers Preview + FE Soundset Video Roll Out Plan!!

October 02, 2012 3 min read

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Being involved in the planning and organizing for an event like Soundset is exciting. Amiss all the work, there are spirited discussions about Hip Hop as we finalize our performers list. In fact, that time of year tends to bring about some of the most detailed and fun, often hilarious, talks/debates about Hip Hop, as everyone in the office gets that additional reminder that we are all fans first.

However, the process is also complex, sometimes stressful, and certainly time consuming, I suppose that makes the day all the more rewarding when we are out on the festival grounds, kicking it (and still working….) with all the fans and artists. It’s a satisfying conclusion to all the hard work. But, then there is the aftermath, which is generally trying to get caught up on the wealth of stuff that tends to pile up when focused elsewhere.

For me, during that process, before you know it, I haven’t done some of the cool things I planned to do post-Soundset…like release some awesome video footage. This year on site I had my FE Blog video team, who represent FE in various cities/states, out in full force at Soundset; Adam Stanzak (LA), Jonny Schiller (Minneapolis), Dan Schlueter (Minneapolis), Farid Xan (Bay Area) and we had some additional help filming LRB from Tommy Ellis (St Paul). They focused on capturing footage in the DJ/B-Boy Tent and the Fifth ElementStage. There’s lots of great stuff and a couple weeks ago I reminded myself that I hadn’t done anything with it yet! I will be spending the next several weeks working with my video team, specifically Dan, to go through a lot of footage and start to working on producing a series of videos showcasing highlights from the FE Stage and the DJ/B-Boy tent, as well as some other treats.  We’ll continue to leak new videos over the next several months, leading up to the promotions for Soundset 2013! Stay tuned…

We start things off with a look at our Last Of The Record Buyers production event (Hosted By Big Quarters with DJ Toddaon the turntables). Below is a preview and starting tomorrow we’ll launch some more in-depth look into the LRB event, including footage of the producers on stage sharing their best beat creations and interviews with them about how they prepared for the event!! Producers include; Jake One, J-Zone, DiVINCi, Xilam Balam, Willie Evans JR, Zavala, Psymun, Noam The Drummer, Sundance Kid, Young Federal, J Hard, and Amati Owen!!

Also, in case you missed, Soundset 2012 was also the release date for the Last Of The Record Buyers “Collaboration’s The Key” Compilation, featuring collaborative tracks from over 50 different Producers, MCs, DJs, Human Beatbox, and Vocalists! Features: Big Quarters, Chief Kamachi, Masai Bey, Plain Ole Bill, Primecut, Open Mike Eagle, X: 144, Optiks, Bionik, K Raydio, GMO, Kool Akiem, MaLLy, Murdoc, Cecil Otter, I.B.E, Bionik, Illogic, Noam The Drummer, Mike Swoop, Mr. Gene Poole, Midwest Konnect, Scheme, DJ SPS, Blockhead, Toki Wright, Dispute One, I-20, O-D, Noam The Drummer, Katrah Quey, Longshot, Sean Anonymous, King Otto, Definition Baroque, DJ Pain 1, Bobby Raps, Julian Fairbanks, Silas Black, JEL, Midwest Konnect, Jbux, DJ Name, Swam (Sol. Of Sound), DJ Snuggles, Dimitry Killstorm, So-Leen, Greg Grease, DJ Todda, NoCanDo, Benzilla, Joshua Gunn, Illustrate, Kevin Beacham, and Jimmy2Times!

This is a limited edition CD of only 500 copies, so get yours!!!

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