What's Next On The Menu: Mosaic Cafe's Baked Rosemary Garlic Fries!

September 11, 2012 3 min read


This story is best prefaced by a simple fact; I love French Fries. Well, not just any French Fries. You are highly unlikely to find me consuming Fast Food of any kind. In general, I eat pretty healthy except for my regular interchanging Cupcake/Cookie/Donut snackage and a respectable serving of quality French Fries. I’m talking, well prepared, freshly cut, properly seasoned, crispy to perfection (I will accept near-perfection also…as, more often that is the case) and accompanied by some smoky BBQ sauce, kick it old school with some ketchup or if I’m feeling fancy then I may dabble in a choice Aioli.

That in mind, I was backstage at the Aesop Rock concert several weeks back talking to my peoples and Siddiq (CEO of Rhymesayers), knowing I’m a fine connoisseur of fried potato offerings, pointed out a new restaurant review in City Pages that sung high praises of their deemed boast-worthy French Fries. To thicken the plot, they also made mention that they were baked rather than fried, without any consequence. With all the facts fully processing, with mounting intrigue and a hint of doubt, I made a mental note to soon set foot into this new provider of edibles.

After a few weeks of hindrances, such as forgetting the café’s name and a busy schedule, the time was finally nearing to make my own assessment. I already knew my chosen mission, but I decided to peruse the menu anyway, just to get a feel for the place. My Veganarian sensors were alerted to a few alluring options, such as the Tempeh Sloppy Joe and Moonburger. But, this time my sight was focused and I didn’t want any distractions to the palette. I ordered the fries and retrieved a cup of water, which had a pleasant refreshing quality thanks to the extra touch of the fresh cucumber...lemon move over, there's a new choice floating water accompaniment.

In terms of the environment, immediately when I walked in I noted that the place had a good ambiance and vibe. All the employees had great energy, smiles and top-notch service. I also recall thinking that they had a nice mix of music playing in the background, but didn’t really make a conscious effort to remember anything until they went into a De La Soulzone for a few songs, playing selections from “Stakes Is High”. While waiting I also saw a couple plates of some awesome looking salads that were colorful and vibrant, in route to a delivery at a neighboring table.

Then the moment of truth was upon us and the French Fries had arrived. For a quick moment I just admired them, sitting in their metallic cylindrical encasing, fashioned with a vintage look, courtesy a newspaper dressing. I admired their bright golden hue, with perfectly sized garlic chunks that could quite possibly shimmer if hit at the proper angle from the sunlight. The first bite revealed the ideal balance of crunchiness and potato softness. As for the Rosemary, besides the sprinkled green making a nice color contrast, it served as an essential part of the formula, enhancing the delectable taste. The divine crispiness made it hard to believe these were baked. In fact, my taste test partner, Annette, and I briefly debated this, before verifying they use a “special” oven to prepare these.

After the naked sampling for maximum certainty (you want to be sure to credit the fries and not the condiment), I explored the provided trio of Aioli’s. All were tasty, but the Cajun was among the best and resulted in a request for a second serving. In all truth, these fries were so tasty that I could happily eat them as they are...condiments optional I say.

I’m too scientific to feel comfortable with making claims of the “best” for just about anything and I know I have a fair share of fries to still sample in the Twin Cities. However, I say with strict confidence that any competing fry would be in for quite the challenge. In addition, Mosaic Cafe makes nearly everything in-house, focuses on local foods and has proven to be diligent, delightful, and dedicated in everything from the food to the service. I am a fan… Shout-Out To Emily Weiss of CIty Pages for the original inspiration.

Visit Mosaic Cafe

3019 Minnehaha Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55406

612.746.1504 Email:bill@MosaicCafeMN.com

Monday - Thursday: 8 AM - 9 PM

Friday - Saturday: 9 AM - 10 PM

Sunday: 10 AM - 7 PM

Written By Kevin Beacham, Professional French Fry Partaker

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