Fifth Element Parking Lot Sale 2012 Performance Videos: Audio Perm, Mankwe, & Tomorrow Kings!!

August 27, 2012 2 min read

At the Fifth Element Parking Lot Sale (8.25.12) we have a bunch of sales, new items, DJs all day and some select performances.

Audio Perm was in the place to be with the expanded crew representing their latest release, "WeOutChea". Crew producers; Julian Fairbanks, Taylor Madrigal, and Cory Grindberg dropped beats and let the MCs get busy... Video #1 features rhyming from Bobby Raps, Yakub The Mad Scientist, and Big Dylan and Video #2 features lyrics fron Chantz Erolin and hook support from Unfuh Qwittable! The crew has been doing their thing in a big way in the Twin Cities and besides their current project, they have several other alternate groups and side projects in the works. Stay tuned...

The Tomorrow Kings were a last minute addition to the line-up once it was realized they would be in town rocking a show that same night. They came thru and tore it down! Great stage presence, fierce lyrics, and plenty of style, these Chicago MCs are in full possession of all the essential elements needed to bless mics. I have been aware and a fan of SKECH185 for years, from when I first witnessed his lethal approach at Scribble Jam Battles. Then he followed up with a wealth of well written and uniquely constructed music that solidified my interest in his work. Once I became aware of the Tomorrow Kings project I have kept a ear out for new movement and they continue to press with each new advancement in their growth. A few people made a point to make mention of how impressed they were with the in-store performance, including Felipe Cuauhtli. They are working on an official crew album now. In the meantime, peep their solo and side projects: 

Mankwerecently released her latest album "Science and Spirit" that was produced in conjunction with Medium Zach of Big Quarters and sounds beautiful. She joined us to share a few selections from the album!

Peep The Album: Mankwe "Science and Spirit [Produced By Medium Zach Of Big Quarters
Shout-Out to our other performers of the day Mastermind (of Guardians Of Balance)and Mike Dreams! We dropped videos from their performances on our Facebook page on Saturday. Plus, they both have new releases in Fifth Element for your listening enjoyment as well: 

Also, thanx for all the people who came thru the Parking Lot Sale, all the online shoppers, all the people who dropped comments/flicks on Facebook and Twitter, all the DJs, Birdhouse for the food, Caffrey's for feeding our team and of course all the FE/Rhymesayers interns and staff! It was a excellent day!

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