RedefineHipHop: James Sumbi a.k.a J-Sumbi (of Freestyle Fellowship and All In All) Part 7 of 8!!

August 05, 2012 2 min read 1 Comment

 PART SEVEN: J-Sumbi talks about his thoughts on the success of Freestyle Fellowship as he watched from the sidelines.

As for his career direction, he ended up going on to he an A&R assistance at an "Adult Contemporary" label, which kept him in the industry, but away from his love, Hip Hop. He explains how The Noncewas sort of a re-entry for him into the underground scene. He speaks about the basement tape days of The Nonce; their studio set up, their production process, and how their unreleased demos can compete with the best stuff on the market. From being a fan of The Nonce and their affiliate artists (IE Meen Green, Marc Da Murdurah, etc...) he started to invest in their careers with "Beats & Rhymes" Records. He also had a DJ gig at a Poetry Reading and would regularly play The Nonce to get people familiar with their music. From there an A&R of Def American heard him play it and asked what it was. J-Sumbihyped him up on the group and then he gave him the record...a week or so later The Nonce was signed!

He reveals that he had pretty much given up writing, but still dabbled in production and engineering. He remembers doing sessions at his house with Bird and Vooodu! of Western Hemisfear. He speaks on Ganjah K getting his deal at Pallas Records and how he contributed production and engineering to the project. He also talks about developing the First Brigade crew and the demos they recorded. 

My brain was on fire as he talked about all the unreleased demos, DATs, cassette tapes, 4-track tapes, etc... that he has sitting in his garage!!!! We go into this a bit deeper in the final segment tomorrow....
J-Sumbi Music Sampler Set:
Text Written & Interview By Kevin Beacham
Video Shot & Edited By Adam Stanzak of Oh Boy Films

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September 16, 2012

GEEKDAD, I’ll agree with your definition and dioircptesn of the word legacy. However, i hope you understand that Eyedea does teach and tells stories that moves listeners emotionally, stories that a hundred years from now could still move, entertain, and challenge people mentally. He did leave a legacy to his listeners, just because he’s not recognized as much as other people with a legacy doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one at all. To many fans he is a great philosopher, artist, and person. So hopefully you weren’t attempting to down-play his legacy, because he surely has one even if I’m the only person that thinks so. It’s all just opinions none the less. Remember everyone has different views and eyedeas. So its pointless to think your opinion is superior, regardless of it actually being superior or not. God Bless. R.I.P.Michael Eyedea Larsen

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