RedefineHipHop: Born Allah/Movement Ex Interview Parts 1-4!!

July 16, 2012 3 min read 2 Comments

 Born Allah a.k.a Lord Mustafa (Of Movement EX) has a rich MC history from being born in New York and then moving and coming up on the LA Hip Hop Scene. His background is firmly planted in the battle rap arena, but his group project in 1990, Movement Ex, was inspired by learning Knowledge Of Self and resulted in him pushing the limits of consciousness and understanding through his music. From there he resharpened his battle axe in the trenches of the Good Life and Project Blowed LA Underground scene. Then finally he returned on wax in the early 2000s with an updated and evolved approach and style that was enlightening, but also relentless. 

In our 4-Part Interview discuss the details to his very interesting and inspiring story. 


-How his family experiences growing up in New York and LA inspired his style. 

-How some of his very first rhyming experiences were him and his homeboy from Philly  acting out Crash Crew routines before   
 eventually writing his own rhymes

-Being influenced by the LA Underground Legends, The MC Aces (the roots of Freestyle Fellowship) and apprenticing under Myka 9.

-Coming up as a battle rapper and how being sent to school back in the Bronx influenced the Movement Ex era

-His first publishing experience by writing a song for New Kids On The Block! Plus how he finally got paid for the NKOTB song nearly 4 
 years later when he signed the Movement Ex deal!

-How the FBI was asking record labels for lyric sheets from Rappers, including Movement Ex!

-He also humbly reflects on flaws in Movement Ex lyrics in hindsight


-Losing his first battle ever when he tried to take on Myka 9 and Aceyalone

-Winning First Rapsheet Magazine Battle in the 90s

-His thoughts on the recent acapella battle craze

-His current quest for a human beatbox to experiment with on for some new projects

-The confusion of the Movement Ex Production Credits

-Movement Ex highlights including favorite songs, interesting industry connections including being managed by “Bubba Gump”!!

-Working on the 2nd album in New York, completed in and sitting in his garage

-The skills of King Born; Scratches, Beats, and Rhymes

-Working with Erule with the Tabernacle MC’z projects!

-Then he closes it off by kicking it a verse from "Zig Zag Zig"!


-The controversy behind the Marley Marl Remix for Movement Ex's "United Snakes Of America" 
-Background stories on various Born Allah 90s Demos & Rarities working with Myka 9, Fat Jack, Punish, and Mykill Myers
-Working with Ill Boogie Records and the unfinished/unreleased album 
-His extensive vault of unreleased music!! 
-The philosophy of the Tabernacle MC'z and the Church of Hip Hop and Financial Prosperity!!!


PART FOUR: We mostly, though not exclusively, discuss LA Hip Hop history and his perspectives on how the scene developed. Including such topics as: 

-Plans to release unreleased Born Allah music a.k.a "The Lost Scrolls"  
-Early Movies about LA Hip Hop and if they captured the true LA style 
-The Early LA Representers of LA Street Life in Hip Hop: Mixmaster Spade, Toddy Tee, &  King Tee 
-The Roots of "Chopping"in LA with Myka 9, etc...  
-Some stories about some Good Life MCs including Ahmad, Erule, KMC (Kaotic Minds Corruption'), Myka 9, and more!


CONNECT WITH BORN ALLAH ON FACEBOOK For more info on the Born Allah and Movement Ex you can peep my RedefineHipHop artist profile on them HERE!

Movement Ex & Born Allah Compilation Set:

Text and Interview By Kevin Beacham
Video Shot & Edited By Adam Stanzak for Oh Boy Films

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Kevin Beacham
Kevin Beacham

July 18, 2012

Thanx for the response! The FBI was asking for lyrics for anyone doing anything that was considered anti-government, political, or anything they considered to have radical ideas. Been a on-going thing with the government examining these kinds of things from musicians, writers, poets, etc…. for as long as anyone can probably remember….


July 17, 2012

I don’t get why the FBI wanted his lyrics

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