RedefineHipHop: Kenny Segal (of "The Kleenrz")!!

July 10, 2012 1 min read

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In our ongoing saga of giving a behind the curtains look into the minds “The Kleenrz” we welcome you to the next level. The upcoming two phases consists of individual background checks on our two modern day superheroes. Rumor has it that these Q&A sessions are tapes of the actual job interviews that resulted in their hiring to become “The Kleenrz”…I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Up first is Kenny Segal, the musical mastermind providing the appropriate soundtrack for those late night messy missions. Kenny speaks on his transition from drum & bass into Hip Hop, how he connected with the Project Blowed crew, his early influences, discography highlights, his musician background with piano and cello and how that evolved into sampled production and other key elements that guided his path to “The Kleenrz”

 The peaceful chaos in the mind of Self-Jupiter to be revealed next week…stay tuned…

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Interview + Text By Kevin Beacham
Video Shot & Edited + Photos By Adam Stanzak for Oh Boy Films

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