Kenny Segal + Self Jupiter = The Kleenrz!! Promo Video + A Look Behind The Scenes...

June 19, 2012 1 min read

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The Producer extraordinaire with an uncanny attention to detail, Kenny Segal, has teamed up with the abstract poet who is known to tread confidently in the darker realms of reality, Self Jupiter (Of Freestyle Fellowship). Together they do the job that many are prone to speak upon, but lack the iron will to forge forward...they are The Kleenrz. The result is a fine collection of music that is all tightly woven into The Kleenrz imaginative concept, which is beautifully haunting, audio-visually cinematic, vividly descriptive, creatively conceived, and demanding of attention.

"The Kleenrz" officially hit the streets to scrub away the filth on 7.31.12 with their action-packed 9-track debut courtesy of the Hellfyre Club label. The following video gives you a glimpse into the type of experiences, mentality, and dedication that shapes our heroes into what they have become...The Kleenrz

Full Fifth Element interviews with Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal will soon follow to uncover the back stories that ultimately led them on this path...stay tuned for further adventures. Plus be on alert for the second phase of the initial cleansing when the "Filthy" Animated Music Video unveils later this week with animation from James Reitano!
For More Info on The Kleenrz Follow on Twitter: @Jupacobrah @kennysegal @HellfyreClub 
Interview + Text By Kevin Beacham  
Video Shot & Edited By Adam Stanzak for Oh Boy Films

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