RedefineHipHop: Big Dad Of L.A. Posse Part 4 of 6!!

June 13, 2012 2 min read


Part 4 is an excellent glimpse at the record business. While a lot has changed, a lot of this still is the same. Many important lessons can be learned from these stories about dealing with labels, friends, artists, and more!

Big Dad starts off talking about a recent discussion that he and Muffla had with Russell Simmons, then he backtracks to tell us about their eventually split from the Def Jam Label. He reveals how The L.A. Posse brought Nikki D to Def Jam, but ended up not even getting to work on the record. Big Dad explains why he wasn't involved on the "Walking With A Panther" album and the production contribution only came from Mufflafor the L.A. Posse

Perhaps the highlight of this piece is him explaining how they got the deal with Atlantic Records. He recounts a story of a million dollar deal on the table for The L.A. Posse and Lyor Cohen, acting as their manager, stormed out of Atlantic Records for them making him wait too long, so The L.A. Posse had to negotiate their deal themselves, with no contractual experience! 

From there we detail the different projects that came from the Atlantic Deal; Breeze "T.Y.S.O.N", W.IS.E Guyz "The eF yoU eN Kay E", and L.A. Posse "They Come In All Colors". We learn that the L.A. Posse album wasn't their idea, but a push from Atlantic and how the groups original idea to fill the album with some of the Hip Hop's most lyrical elite was squashed so they built from their own team with Breeze, Big Ill, Lady Of Rage, etc... Also, come to find it that early work from Monifah and Amel Larrieux (Groove Theory) can be found on that "They Come In All Colors" album. We also talk about how some of Big Dad's lyric's on the album come from unreleased demos they recorded with LL Cool J, who gave Big Dad his blessing to use some of the lyrics!

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