RedefineHipHop: DJ Fat Jack Video Interview + Artist Profile!!

June 01, 2012 2 min read


Sometimes you can be aware of an artist’s released music and based on that body of work you are a fan. In your mind, it is that discography that defines their legacy. However, at times there are layers of history that helped shaped their career that remain hidden from even a long time supporter. All to often the amazing stories of key contributors to this Culture go untold or reduced to merely whispered legend…

One such story is that of DJ Fat Jack. I first became aware of him thru his work with Abstract Rude and their early releases under the Abstract Tribe Unique brand, which yielded such revered projects as “Underground Fossils”, “Mood Pieces” and “South Central Thynk Taynk”. He also did some work with other Project Blowedians and Good Lifers, including his "Cater To The DJ" series. Since he was an integral part to that new LA movement and I hadn’t heard his name before, it was easy to assume that those projects were his point of entry into this business.

My in-depth interview with him proved that to be far from the beginning. I learned of his DJ experience started in 1978. I found out about his long-time partnership with DJ Slip, which resulted in them owning an equipment rental company in LA that supplied sound systems for Uncle Jamm’s Army and many others. I learned that him and DJ Slip were a part of the Sound Control Mob, who released the Underground gem, “The Compton Compilation”. He shares stories of how he was there, observing, when DJ Slip and The Unknown DJ were building Compton’s Most Wanted. Not to mention, his involvement in the early careers of DJ Pooh, Ice Cube, Sir Jinx, Dr Dre, and so on. Plus, how all of that resulted in early production work for Ice T and 2Pac.

Of course, we eventually transition into his work with the Good Life crew, including discussing a wealth of unreleased material he produced for Ganjah K, S.I.N (Medusa & KoKo), Alienation, and more. We speak in great detail about the making of the A.T.Ualbums and working with Abstract Rude. He reveals information about his work with Movie Soundtracks and Scoring Films.  Then we finish it all up with some talk of current/upcoming projects and a walk thru his current home studio!

This is a 3-Part Interview with some bonus out-takes as well!

RedefineHipHop: DJ Fat Jack Out-Takes "Breakin' N Enterin' Documentary"!

RedefineHipHop: DJ Fat Jack Out-Takes "Working With Volume 10"!

RedefineHipHop: DJ Fat Jack Out-Takes "Studio Walk Through"!

RedefineHipHop: DJ Fat Jack 3 of 3!

RedefineHipHop: DJ Fat Jack Part 2 of 3!

RedefineHipHop: DJ Fat Jack Part 1 of 3!

Photo Courtesy Ava DuVernay

Written and Interviewed By Kevin Beacham

Video Filmed & Edited By Adam Stanzak of Oh Boy Films

Shouts out to Abstract RudeAva DuVernay (her documentary on The Good Life, "This Is The Life" DVD, is a must see! Her new film "Middle Of Nowhere" releases this October!), General Jeff, and the rest of my LA People's. Upcoming LA interviews with Devastatin' Of Funkytown Pros, Abstract Rude, Big Dad of L.A. Posse, Born Allah, Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal (A.K.A The Kleenrz), J Sumbi and more!!

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