Soundset Profile: DJ Premier Live On WBLS (Circa '94)

May 25, 2012 2 min read


When I did my original post about DJ Premier being at Soundset my plan was to do a special about this live radio mix. However, I couldn't find it. I looked in countless plastic bins, shoe boxes, and what have you, to no avail. I started to think I had imagined its existence...ha. I had actually convinced myself I was wrong and I had probably somehow confused this K-Def radio mix I had for being DJ Premier...which makes absolutely no sense, but the brain is strange that way... As a result I ened up doing a DJ Premier "History Of Scratch" Blog, which you can read HERE. Anyway, a week later I was doing something else and stumbled upon this mix on accident and decided I should still share.

When I used to travel to New York in the 90s I did all I could to capture every Hip Hop moment possible. My first 10 or so trips to New York I never did any normal tourist stuff; statue of liberty, empire state building etc.... That stuff never even crossed my mind, I was strictly focused on Hip Hop. If I wasn't out visiting labels, meeting artists, buying records or mixtapes or something like that. I also always tried to bring a Boom Box with me so whenever I was in the hotel or sometimes in the car (thanks to lots of batteries) I would be recording one of the various New York Hip Hop radio shows. Once such day of extremism yielded this mix. It's got some parts with some radio static and a few imperfections but mostly sounds pretty good...well, as good as a recording off a radio, in a hotel room or moving car, on a cheap tape can sound... DJ Premier shows so much style in how he does his thing live on the radio. This is probably a great example of what to expect when he rocks the wheels of steel this Sunday!

 DJ Premier On WBLS circa '94 (Rough Playlist)

 Part 1:

De La Soul-Lovely How I Let My Mind Float

Das Efx-Like Dat

[WBLS Radio ID]

Nas-Hard To Tell

Kurious-I'm Kurious Instrumental [WBLS Radio ID]

Whodini-It All Comes Down To The Money

Gang Starr-Mass Appeal [WBLS Radio ID]

M.O.P-How About Some Hardcore

???-Keep It Real

 Part 2:

Bahamadia-Total Wreck

A Tribe Called Quest-Lyrics To Go [WBLS Radio ID]

Bless The Turntable Interlude

Leaders Of The New School-Classic Material

Top Quality-Magnum Opus

[WBLS Radio ID]

Akineyle-The Bomb

Dr Dre-Puffin Blunts (record skipping issue)

KRS One-Mortal Thought

Part 1: Part 2:

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