MaLLy & The Sundance Kid "The Last Great...": Promo Video & Pre-Order!!!

May 02, 2012 2 min read

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MaLLy is currently one of the brightest new stars in the Twin Cities Hip Hop scene. He launched his ambitious and successful "Free On The 15th" song and video campaign and the results were undeniable. It lead to tours with Atmosphere, heavy local radio support including The Current, attention from local press, and a impressive amassing of a growing fan base. 

Even after all of that, substantial as it is, MaLLy is smart enough to know that the work was just beginning. He stayed focused and locked in the lab with his producer, The Sundance Kid, to create an album that would not only summarize all those above achievements, but also speak on where he is going in the future. 

The time is nearly upon us and their collaborative album, "The Last Great..." will officially release on 5.15.12!! 

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Album Tracklisting:
1. Take Off (Intro)
2. Swallowing The Reign
3. Shine
4. The Renaissance 2.0 [feat. Claire De Lune]
5. Winner
6. Good One [feat. K.Raydio]
7. Hands High
8. In God We Trust
9. Bounce [feat. Truth Be Told]
10. Unplugged [feat. Brother Ali]
11. My Lord
12. The Last Great

To help set the mood for "The Last Great..." take a look at this great conceptual promo video that finds MaLLy preparing to throw away his dreams of Rap, but the plot is intercepted. This is part one in a continuing saga, stay tuned...


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