Album Review: Long Live Boogaloo (Secret Stash 2012)

April 25, 2012 3 min read

Resurrecting the Boogaloo

Wanna go to the nitty gritty part of Harlem? Secret Stash Records is putting out a double LP, "Long Live Boogaloo". This record is a taxi back to 1960’s Spanish Harlem to experience the Boogaloo; a fun Latin groove based music with an American R&B back beat featuring English vocals.

Secret Stash Records is a Minneapolis based record label dedicated to releasing great music. Their forte is funk, soul, and world music, their passion being vinyl. If you like to dig for obscure albums at your local record shop, you will appreciate what these guys do. From South America to Africa to Asia and here in the States, the fine folks at Secret Stash are digging for music to produce for your ears. If you haven’t heard of Secret Stash before put them on your radar.

The "Long Live Boogaloo" compilation album features songs such as Funky Big Feet,and Marilu,who also happens to have some big feet. To say the least this is a fun and goofy album. Eric Foss, co-owner of Secret Stash, said, “It’s the funnest record we’ve done yet.” Behind the fun lyrics of the album are sounds of horns, riffing piano’s, and intricate percussion arrangements that make you wanna dance.

During the 1960’s the Boogaloo was making waves around New York City. Behind this new genre flooding the city was a group of young people that had not yet proven themselves in the music industry. This younger generation began replacing the regular performers of New York City clubs. The major labels did not appreciate their artists being put out of work. Concert promoters and radio DJ’s were paid off to deny any dealings affiliated with the Boogaloo. The music conglomerates killed the Boogaloo.

To make this album what it is Secret Stash went to the source. In October Eric Foss and Will Gilbert traveled to Florida to spend some time with Bobby Marian, a contributing songwriter and producer in the Boogaloo craze. Marian helped make this record what it is and received a producing credit on the album. Secret Stash also was in cahoots with Izzy Sanbria, who was a promoter, MC and an artist creating flyers for Boogaloo dances. The cover of the "Long Live Boogaloo" compilation was originally a flyer, designed by Sanbria, for a Boogaloo concert in the 60’s. The original text was wiped away and replaced by the new. Sanbria also wrote the liner notes for the album. Secret Stash found it important to yield to the experts.

"Long Live Boogaloo" is available in vinyl format and comes with a digital download card. To make sure the Boogaloo is long lived Secret Stash has also released this album on CD. (Secret Stash doesn’t put things out on CD that often. This is a special album.)

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Here's a "Long Live Boogaloo" Sampler:

Sneak Preview: There also seems to be a very special album in the works; a Minneapolis funk and soul compilation album coming out in the fall. This is going to be big. The album will cover all of the soul and funk sounds you’ve probably never heard to come out of Minneapolis in the late ‘60’s. 

Written By Paul Cameron

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