I Self Devine Conversations: The Shining Path

April 04, 2012 1 min read

FE just launched the Pre Order for I Self Devine's "The Sound Of Low Class Amerika" album!! One special FE exclusive when Pre Ordering with us is that you automatically get the digital version of the 4th and final Mixtape in the Culture Series, "The Shining Path"!!

In this up close and personal video, I Self Devine breaks down the meaning of "The Shining Path" and also gives some deeper insight into some of the tracks on this FE Exclusive. Included, is a peek into I Self's love for sneakers and that short-lived, but intoxicating new smell... 

Pre Order your copy of "The Sound Of Low Class Amerika" CD or Limited Edition LP NOW! FE Pre Orders include "The Shining Path" digital mixtape, the first single from the album titled "The Origin of Urban Crisis" and an option to bundle with a "Sound Of Low Class Amerika" Album Art T-Shirt!!!

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