FE Announcemement: JEL "Greenball 3.5" Pre Order Now + Promo Video!!

April 02, 2012 1 min read

JEL, courtesy Fieldwerk Recordings, introduces the latest in his ever-impressive Greenball series! In this special promo video he discusses the project* and how he pulled the beats from old SP-1200 beats and then enhanced them by playing additional parts on top with his MPC. The video has features some live performance clips of JEL in action and one of the tracks from "Greenball 3.5", "Corp War"!! 

Video Shot & Edited by: Treel Big Productions & ReaLit Entertainment (@FaridXan + @Treelbig)


This slab of wax also comes with a fresh11 X 17 Poster of JEL's original weapon of choice, the SP-1200!! Peep: 

*NOTE: In this video JEL discusses this release being available on colored green vinyl. That was originally the plan, but was changed later in the process. This release is NOT on colored vinyl, but it is still fly anyway...

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