Twin Cities Biz: Twin City Tees Spotlight!!

March 29, 2012 2 min read

Being a small indie business can be exciting! It is your chance to bring your dream to life or perhaps just provide a livable income, on your terms and with your own vision in mind. It is an opportunity to be connected to your community and the people who make it thrive. However, quite often the most difficult challenges are making sure that people know you exist, they understand what you do, and know that you do it well. Local and/or indie businesses generally don't have the budgets to take out numerous ADs and billboards. Generally they are starting off small staffed, so they lack the proper time to be constantly building a self-propelled marketing campaign (although that is important to any business). Yet, they have one powerful tool in their arsenal that can make a considerable difference if they can get the right people to pull the trigger...that tool is word of mouth. That shouldn't come as any surprise, people are far more likely to explore a new option if someone who they like, respect or trust gives them that recommendation. 

That is something I always try to do. When I eat at a great restaurant, I tell everyone I can. I remind them until they finally give it a try. Same goes for a great music, books, movies, and whatever else that I find myself impressed with. I thought I would harness that same energy via FifthElement with a video segment designed to go inside a variety of different local businesses and show how they work, what they do and who they are! Moving forward, we'll be visiting a range of different types of businesses and spreading the word on what they have to share with the people of the Twin Cities and beyond!

First up is Twin City Tees in St Paul. They offer a range of customer print options; screen printing, embroidery, promotional products, signs, etc... Semi-recently they have been putting in hard work maintaining the ever-growing need for more clothing goods for Fifth Element. Chances are if you brought a clothing item from us recently that it was printed by the good people over at Twin City Tees. Here's a peek into their world:

Plus you get a sneak peek at the new Fifth Element T-Shirt that will be available on Record Store Day!!!

Visit Twin City Tees:




Concept created and produced by Kevin Beacham

Video shot, edited, and co-produced by Jonny Schiller

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