Isaac Arvold: Second Hand Emotion Campaign

March 10, 2012 3 min read

Fans of Rhymesayers might recognize Isaac Arvold from his many miles on the road as one of the friendliest Merch people you'll ever meet. However, his true calling is in his artistic expression. He's currently running a campaign to raise money for an upcoming Art Show, Second Hand Emotion. Here's the story via the press release:

Minneapolis, MN--Local art expatriate, Isaac Arvold, returns from Brooklyn, NY to Minneapolis for a heartfelt exhibit featuring large-scale works based on three years worth of lost art, fizzled relationships, on the road reflections, and life lessons.

Earlier this year, Arvold lost a three year bodyof illustrative work in the blink of an eye. While rushing to get into a car on the way to the dog run in Brooklyn, he misplaced a bag which held his prized drawing notebooks*. And though he returned to the scene minutes later, the bag (and the notebooks) were sadly gone without a trace.

Luckily, Arvold had been wise enough to photograph and scan the majority of these illustrations, which followed his experiences on tour with the Rhymesayers family, through failed relationships, and the beginnings of his new life in New York City. In "Second Hand Emotion" Arvold will re-imagine this lost body of work through a variety of mediums and collaborations.

The exhibit will feature 48 original mixed media paintings on 12x24 and 24x36 inch panels--recreations of the illustrations from Arvold's lost notebooks--presented together as large murals. Each panel represents a semblance of a whole; collective pieces of the artist's memories are reflected on and rebuilt, bit by bit. Additional large-scale paintings and illustrations will also be featured in the exhibit, as well as select collaborations with performers, filmmakers, and other creatives.

Arvold has a current Kickstarter campaign to help fund art supplies to complete the work, transportation of work to Minneapolis, and capturing and editing of the entire project by filmmaker Maria Juranic. A number of incentives, such as custom paintings, illustrations, and memorabilia are up for grabs for those who pledge support. Watch the video and donate to the project here:

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 21st // 7-10pm
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri // Noon-5pm (Through May 17th)
Special Extended Art-A-Whirl Hours + Events TBA // May 18-20th

Isaac Arvold was born 1979 in the woods of Minnesota. He lived in a house his father built, sharing pencils, nails and knives with his three siblings. In 2002, Isaac received a bachelor’s degree in Education, after which he moved to Minneapolis. It was within the Mill City that he stumbled upon an unexpected, yet thriving, art community as well as great friends and collaborators that propelled his work as an artist. Isaac has shown his paintings in numerous locations in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area – from local cafes and independent galleries to private exhibitions within "fancy art" and advertising agencies. As his studio art developed, so did his desire to leave a different kind of mark. Starting in 2004, Isaac created multiple murals collaborating with the likes of Eric Inkala, Drew Peterson, and Broken Crow, all close friends.

It was 2007 when Isaac quit teaching and started to pursue art full time, and the devotion produced numerous shows, such as Will Work for Food 2, Almost Famous, Almost Homeless, and many others. During this time, Isaac found work in another creative arena, traveling the lower 48 with the Rhymesayers Record Label crew. For four years, he brought his sketchbooks and imagination with him. Isaac’s time on the road with a touring band forced another evolution within his work medium, and he began to create multimedia pieces along the way. In 2010, Isaac’s photographs and concepts were the sole creative element for Atmosphere’s “Best Day” music video.

By 2010, Arvold excelled in three things – painting canvases, creating large scale murals, and capturing moments between friends in his photography. There was nothing left but to move to Brooklyn, New York, especially given his disposition to pay higher rent and be closer to Coney Island. During Isaac’s time in New York, he has displayed work in Macy's Herald Square windows – one of the most densely occupied area of the city, and continues to develop his craft. He stayed connected to his Minnesota roots by working with Nice Ride MN launch.

CO is a large scale exhibit space located in Northeast Minneapolis, owned and operated by Burlesque of North America and Permanent Art & Design Group. CO presents thematic multimedia exhibitions in collaboration with artists, designers, and curators. The space includes over 2000 sq. feet, 20+ ft. high walls, mobile walls, and suspendible ceilings. Other resources for exhibitions include screenprinting facilities, artist residencies, and media outreach campaigns.

More info:

CO Exhibitions // 1101 Stinson Blvd // Suite 2 // Minneapolis, MN // 55413

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