RedefineHipHop: Operation LA Recap + Interview Preview Videos!!

March 08, 2012 1 min read

I now present to you, a first look at my fantastic adventure in LA last week! Below are two teaser videos; one showcasing the full experience and the other focusing on some interview excerpts. Both equally entertaining and intriguing, if I say so myself...and I do.

RedefineHipHop Operation LA Recap Video: This covers the whole experience; the Artists, Live Rapping (courtesy Open Mike Eagle, NoCanDo, and Busdriver!), Shopping at Amoeba, hanging out on Venice Beach, my awesome Chrysler 300 Rental Car, seemingly endless Vegan Restaurants, and things of the sort...

RedefineHipHop Operation LA Interview Preview: Peep some highlight quotes from the great collection of artists we connected with; Abstract Rude, Fat Jack, Devastatin' (Funkytown Pros), Self Jupiter (Freestyle Fellowship), Kenny Segal, Born Allah (Movement EX & Tabernacle MCz), General Jeff, Big Dad (LA Posse), and J Sumbi!! Includes clips about LA Hip Hop first hit New York, what part LA played in the popularizing of Hip Hip Hop Culture, the transition from tapes to CDs, creating your own style, the FBI tapping the phones of certain Rappers, the launch of the Freestyle Fellowship career and more!!

You can read up on this LA excursion in glorious detail HERE! Stay tuned for the full-length interviews and some more promo videos coming soon!

All Videos Shot & Edited by Adam Stanzak of Oh Boy Films

-Featured Photo: The photo was taking at the monthly Low End Theory night in LA hosted by NoCanDo, Daddy Kev, D Styles, and Gaslamp Killer, and Nobody. This event is awesome, if you are in LA on Wednesday GO THERE!

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