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As previously mentioned, Vandy C has had such a impressive and diverse career, with plenty of amazing stories, so when I had a chance to talk with him I was like a filled with youthful excitement and tried to get as much out of him as possible! Below is the full 3-Part interview and several out-takes a well with bonus information and stories....


The Brooklynite, Vandy C, is a man of Hip Hop legend and mystery. He was among the most impressive early Hip Hop industry "renaissance artists", he was successful and skillful as a MC, DJ, Producer, Radio Show Host, Show Promoter, & Indie Label Executive/A&R...and that was all before finding his true calling in life!

Vandy C may not be a household name, but If you were a Hip Hop artist or fan in the New York area in the 80s/90s then you were more than likely aware of his presence. He mostly focused his energy on cultivating new talent, so chances are you may not even be largely familiar with some of his projects, but 80s Underground fans certainly recognize these names where his beats found homes; Freak L (Urban Rock Records), Tray Bag MC (Body Rock Records), Kid Flash (Tabu Records), Shazzy (Elektra Records), Tony D & Cool Gino G (Body Rock Records), The Don (Rush Associated Labels), etc... Probably the best known artist he produced for is The Jaz (a.k.a Jaz-O/Big Jaz), doing a some of the best tracks for his Sophomore EMI Records album, "To Your Soul".

As an artist he was signed to Select Records with his long-time right-hand man as, Vandy C & Bill Blast, where they both shared microphone duties and Vandy C held down the production and scratches. He expanded on his DJ skills by entering a host of competitions and going head to head with such notable competitors such as Jazzy Jeff, Mr Mixx (of 2 Live Crew), etc...

He was also a rather largely important part of the New York Hip Hop Radio scene with his Get Busy Or Get Lost Show on 91.5 that ran for about a decade.

In our 3-part interview we breakdown his incredible and interesting career in great detail, as well as discuss why he mysteriously left the scene in the early 90s and how that eventually lead to his road to become Pastor Vandy Coulter. Plenty of intriguing stories ensue....

Here in part 1 we discuss his early musical fascinations, being influenced by Grandmaster Flash, early Brooklyn Hip Hop Pioneers, and how he made the transition from rocking parties to making records, including how that involved Evelyn Champagne King and his battle with DJ Jazzy Jeff!!!


In Part Two we discuss:

-His first crew Vandy C & The Highpower Three, which featured the career start of Freak L! Plus how he connected with The Party Starter Bill Blast!

-Recording "V The Viper" in the studio next door to U.T.F.O, explaining how Doctor Ice got on the b-side of the record!

-How he broke into radio and how he went to broadcasting school

-Getting his deal with Select Records

-His pursuit of a Cocoa Cola Sponsorship!

-Unreleased music from Vandy C & Bill Blast!!

-Plus: How the unreleased Shazzy project fell apart, Unreleased demos with
Tony Depula (r.i.p) and Cool Gino G, his unreleased Black Male project, understanding the music business and more!

Vandy C & Bill Blast Joints:
[audio:|titles=Vandy C & Bil Blast - V The Viper]
[audio:|titles=Vandy C and Bill Blast-Do The Whop FEAT Doctor Ice & T Funk (Bad Boys)]
[audio:|titles=Vandy C & Bill Blast - Just Feel It]

he 3rd Chapter in the story of Vandy C! Here he speaks in detail about his radio show, Get Busy Or Get Lost, that ran from '82 till '90. He talks about the importance of artists owning their masters and what reel-to-reels he has in his vaults! He reveals some hints about what unreleased music of his own and that he has produced that he has in the archives!! He showcases and shares the story on his Latin Quarters* Award! He also speaks about the personal tragedy that lead to him walking away from the industry and how that eventually resulted him in turning to ministry and starting the Kingdom Covenant Christian Center in New Jersey. All that and more!! Peep it:


-PRODUCTION WORK: Here he discusses in details his working with Tray Bag, Kid Flash, Freak L, The Jaz, Shazzy, The Don, The Cosby Kids, and his unreleased dance project, Venom!!

-DJ BATTLES AND THE NEW MUSIC SEMINAR: He breaks down his battle history and some of his favorite techniques, including the mastery of the needle drop!!

-EXPLICIT LYRICS: One thing I noticed on Vandy C's records, even the stuff he produced, there was never any profanity. Here he explains the reasons why and how that affected Shazzy's album from not coming out!!

-HUMAN BEAT BOXING:A few of Vandy C's early records had uncredited Human Beat Boxing. This short clips explains who hey were!


Connect with Pastor Vandy Coulter HERE!

Text Written, Video Filmed and Interview Conducted by Kevin Beacham

Video Edited By Daniel Schlueter

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kid dyno
kid dyno

February 21, 2012

incredible stuff …long overdue props for Vandy. Great work K.


February 28, 2012

thanx for the feedback! Looking forward to connect with Vandy C again soon to dig up more archives that we spoke about!

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