RedefineHipHop: Vandy C Interview Part 3!!

February 19, 2012 1 min read

The 3rd Chapter in the story of Vandy C! Here he speaks in detail about his radio show, Get Busy Or Get Lost, that ran from '82 till '90. He talks about the importance of artists owning their masters and what reel-to-reels he has in his vaults! He reveals some hints about what unreleased music of his own and that he has produced that he has in the archives!! He showcases and shares the story on his Latin Quarters* Award! He also speaks about the personal tragedy that lead to him walking away from the industry and how that eventually resulted him in turning to ministry and starting the Kingdom Covenant Christian Center in New Jersey. All that and more!! Peep it:

Check by tomorrow for a special Vandy C wrap up story, including some additional clips with him speaking about studio sessions and working with the various artists and projects here worked on, DJ battle stories, and other special treats!!

Connect with Vandy C a.k.a Pastor Vandy Colter HERE
Visit the Kingdom Covenant Christian Center HERE

*While doing this interview Vandy C gave me a few thousand of his records! In those records there were also many other amazing treats. You can view some of them HERE. Here's just one of them, a Latin Quarters performance schedule for 1986, classic!

Text Written, Video Filmed and Interview Conducted by Kevin Beacham

Video Edited By Daniel Schlueter

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