Album Review: Homeboy Sandman "Subject Matter" EP (Stones Throw 2012)

February 03, 2012 2 min read


Catapulting from his elusively maneuvering under the radar scary good debut album "The Good Sun", the new addition to the Stones Throw roster follows up 2 years later from his 2010 release with the "Subject: Matter EP." Homeboy Sandman the Elmhurst, Queens representer is truly an underrated talent and a spray of Febreeze in a high school football teams locker room filled with must and smothering body odor. Also an advocate of organic produce and following your inner voice, Boy Sand embodies a genuine, eclectic nature both sonically and individually as a graduate from an Ivy League school personally deafening the external forces influencing him to use his advanced degrees instead of pursuing his aspirations of making a living off being an emcee.

The "Subject: Matter EP" may arguably have the most verbally introspective and informational artwork ever. It basically breaks down the EP as a whole, what he meant to convey, as well as a track by track explanation along with thoughts on Frequently Asked Questions about his stage name.

Usual suspects such as 2 Hungry Bros contribute to the project on the production end. "Subject: Matter" is not too much of a departure from his previous release from a beat standpoint; still containing that soul and jazzy boom bap feel to perfectly compliment the New York natives style. Sandman is a little more serious and laid back on this record getting personal on the silky smooth, yet tastefully pu**y whipped cut "Unforgettable." Still maintaining his melodic flow and intelligent, deep witty thought out lyrics on "Canned Goods", which is about his experience with canned goods in addition to capturing the escalating modern crisis' around the world where he chants "Canned Goods, other foods spoils much quicker. The spoils go to the victors..."

[audio:|titles=05 Canned Goods]

In conclusion, this is a strongly recommended listen. You will truly get your own experience dealing with a Homeboy Sandman project for better or worse. "Subject: Matter" is only available through direct .mp3 download via various outlets and on vinyl; meaning no CD love. (Whoever made that decision to do so needs should consider being a guinea to an experiment by a mad scientist and lab assistant that resembles Igor to scramble their brain cells, consequently rearranging their logic to better suite the needs of next time offering this project in disc format.)

For further diagnosis of the non social networking using emcee (except myspace, maybe) check him out on MTV's Made serving as a rap coach.

Written By Scott Kebo

-EDITORS NOTE: You can learn more about Homeboy Sandman in our detailed interview HERE!!

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