What's Next On The Menu: Tao Natural Foods Remodel & Re-Opening!

February 02, 2012 2 min read

Yesterday I was excited to find out that Tao Natural Foods completed their remodel and were open for the first time in several weeks. I conspired with my faithful companion, a.k.a the laptop, to sneak away from work, for a lunch so late it was guaranteed to effect my dinner, but desire works that way.

Yes, they are back with a tasty vengeance and my appetite has signed on as their partner in crime... The new layout looks great! The dining room is significantly more spacious and the decor is classy, interesting and welcoming. I was greeted by the same great staff, plus some additional new smiling faces.

The menu looked virtually the same. I did spy the previously non-existent Sweet Potato Burrito that was of astounding intrigue, but I was instead seduced by the daily special; a Tempeh Sandwich with Pear slices and Mushroom Pate' with a side of a Sage Mushroom Soup. Quite delectable I say.

I admit, in my inner-sinister voice, that I'm regularly writing down the components of the Tao Daily Specials with the intent of one day trying to recreate them at home and reproduce those palate pleasing moments at will. Fear not, that doesn't mean I'll end my travels to Tao Natural Foods. I still need to stock up on vitamins, protein powder, natural soaps and the other world of wonders they offer. Plus I'm too distracted to cook that often and I still need to be able to transcribe all their new recipe ideas... :)

Oh yeah, I saw they are having "Customer Appreciation Super Saturday" this weekend (Feb 4th). I'm not sure what that entails, but it has my attention and eventual attendance... Visit them on Facebook HERE!

Written By a responsible eating Kevin Beacham

-NOTE: In my satisfied excitement I forgot to grab a new photo of the space so I had to kick old school with the image...

Also, the homie, Skye went there today to partake in the renewed the goodness. He had the Lentil Soup (featured below) which he simply and assuredly described as "Grrreat"... (Think: Tony The Tiger with less verbal enthusiasm, but equally impressed).

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