Nikoless-Live From Home Pt One a.k.a Return Of The Azian Caterpillar (FREE MIX DOWNLOAD)!!

January 27, 2012 3 min read

As I sit here at 3:21 AM pondering what to write for a blog later today, my mind is blank. Then it occurs to me that I haven’t put up a FREE D/L in a while, particularly not a Mix.

As I look thru my Mix playlist on ITUNES, one reaches and smacks me back to reality… I had a discussion earlier today about me current hiatus from DJing and I have been getting a few comments from people recently referencing some of the experiences they had hearing me DJ. Most often the location that comes up is my Friday nights in the Caterpillar Lounge at Azia. I did that night for like 7 years and it became one of my favorite regular gigs of all-time. There was a special magic that happened there; a unique bond formed between the customers, the staff, the music and myself. I’ll never forget those nights.

The mix that I found is titled “Live At Home Part 1”. I could hardly remember making this, until I listened to it and refreshed my memory. It was something I put together for my High School Reunion. There was a question about whether or not they were going to have a DJ for us so I was asked to bring some music “just in case”*. I couldn’t bring myself to just put some music on CD, so I stayed up the whole night before I left and made two mixes; "Live At Home Part One" & "The High School Jams Part One".

"The High School Jams" is a Mix of tracks that were popular during my High School Years of ’86-’88. It is filled with the “hits” that I don’t always play because I tend to lend towards the B-side tracks, less known singles or album cuts. It was great to finally do a mix of these songs that I also love but just generally avoid because everyone else plays them. I’ll post that up someday soon too.

“Live At Home Part One” is pretty much a direct reflection of what my Caterpillar Lounge sets sounded like during the last hour or two. It’s designed for dancing. It’s and hour of Soulful Disco, 80s Soul/Pop, 80s/90s Hip Hop, 70s Funk & Soul, etc… I use a lot of my favorite blends/and transitions from those classic Friday Nights.

I did it completely live, one-take, all vinyl, so it captures the complete feel of a live set. It’s not an exercise in perfection, but an escape into pure expression. If you were a part of those Friday nights, this will definitely put you there mentally. I just close my eyes and find peace, even in its imperfections…

-The Playlist:
Shannon-Let The Music Play
Chic-Good Times
Cheryl Lynn-Got To Be Real
The Emotions-Best Of My Love
Chaka Kahn featuring Mele Mel-I Feel For You
Grandmaster Mele Mel-White Lines
Laid Back-White Horse
Prince-Erotic City
Shiela E-Glamorous Life
Ready For The World-Oh Shiela
Dazz Band-Let It Whip
Michael Jackson-PYT
Rick James-Give It To Me Baby
Chic-Freak Out
Parliament-Knee Deep
De La Soul-Me Myself & I
Chubb Rock-Treat Me Right
Salt N Pepa-Push It
Now That We Found Love
Sugarhill Gang-Apache


*We didn’t need to use my Mixes at the High School Reunion. They were able to secure the perfect DJ! In our High School Days there was ONE DJ who was on top in our area, not just for our High School, but the whole County. That man is Captain 2 Fresh a.k.a The X. He came down to rock with his two turntables and like 30 crates of vinyl! He is still doing it 100% like he did in ’88! He is among my DJ Heroes without question.

Written By Kevin Beacham

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