Lazerbeak "Lava Bangers" Interview + Home Studio Performance!!

January 17, 2012 2 min read


Lazerbeak has continued to impress me with his production skills and has grown from easily one of the best producers in the Twin Cities into one of the guys you need to consider when assembling any current best producer list period. "Lava Bangers", a project done in collaboration with DJ Plain Ole Bill, marks his first full instrumental project. "Lava Bangers" has long been the term that Lazerbeak has used to describe his production sound. When I asked him to try to describe it further, he struggled to find the right words. A few thoughts that sprung to his mind were "Diverse"..."Melodic"...before finally deciding on the possibility that "Total awesome" just might be as detailed as we need to get. :)

I'd say he's probably equal parts obsessed scientist and musical mastermind. A formidable combination, only enhanced by his deep-rooted soulful approach that beautifully contrasts with his Rock-like edginess. "Lava Bangers" is the voyage that visits all those skill sets.

Last week I visited Lazerbeak in the comforts of his home studio. It's as laid back and common-man a setting as you would expect from Lazerbeak. He, after all, projects the essence of a simple man, made most distinguishable by his subtle, but effective oddball sense of humor and magnetic smile. It's a true basement feel; grimy, low-light, records neatly scattered thru out, and a nice mixture of updated and nearly forgotten technology.

We sat down in the "Lava Bangers" lair to discuss his history with production, the inspiration for the album, the back-story on some of the beats, and much more!

Lazerbeak Interview:

Lazerbeak Studio Set Up and Live Studio Performance:


Video Shot & Edited by Colton Otte

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