Record Collections: The Vandy C Collection-Rares Vol. 1!!

January 10, 2012 1 min read

OK, I know this series is taking way longer than it should! I apologize. I had a series of setbacks, but now I'm getting back on track and have a bunch of record digging videos, interviews, and all sorts of awesomeness coming your way very soon!!

If you have been following this blog you should already know the Vandy C story. If not you can read how it all started HERE! The short story is Vandy C is a Brooklyn Hip Hop Pioneer, Underground Legend, DJ Champ, MC with Record On Select Records, Producer, Radio Show Host, and now a Pastor! On my trip to New York last year he GAVE me a huge portion of his record collection + other collectibles. I've been doing these videos to share what is among those records!

Previous Videos Include:
Vandy C Test Pressings: A Look at the rare Test-Pressings and Mastering Plates in the collection!!
Vandy C Promo Items: Some cool oddball things!! Promo Pin for his radio show, Radio Show Shout Out Lists, and a sweet Latin Quarters Performance Calendar from 1986!!

Now I present to you: The Vandy C Collection: Rares Vol. 1!

Video Shot By Claudia Giple
Video Edited By Dan Schlueter
Record Previewer With Weird Sense Of Humor = Kevin Beacham

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