Album Review: Danny Brown & Black Milk "Black & Brown"

January 02, 2012 2 min read 1 Comment

Detroit's progressive Hip Hop scene has cultivated some of the most talented emcees in the game. With that being said, you can most definitely add Danny Brown to that category, a lyrically dextrous self proclaimed uncouth (and rightfully prescribed description) individual with a very unique, distinguishing voice on the mic like a Sadat X. Brown's refreshing style has garnered him critically acclaimed attention in the early 2011 free album release "XXX" ranking among many of the year's end top releases by highly reputable sources. Never ceasing to halt momentum the Detroit native teams up with another fellow home town originator in producer/rapper Black Milk for a strong chemistry based released EP, Black and Brown.

The project reveals moments of sheer madness with the presence of Black Milk being heard on a few sprinkled instrumental tracks throughout the EP besides lending a verse on the title track "Black & Brown" to accompany some of the hilariously deranged content consisting of drugs and women coinciding with authentically intimate personal details of Danny's life felt in the rhymes executed through joints like "Wake Up" where he confesses "Used to smoke squares, roll swishers in the basement/ Momma never said shit cuz she felt my pain/ Feeling like crying so I wished that it rained."Brown is very proficient at blending syllables and weaving rhyme patterns in witty performances rendering beats deceased. One of the many examples is in the closing tracks where he references Beverly Hills Cop "Banana in her tailpipe, I make her Axel Foley."

Dope unorthodox soulful production compliments the parallel to Danny Brown's out the box personality he portrays on tracks in this gritty record. Entertaining on the level of a Comedy Central stand up special, but also on the lines of real shit by the display of innovative concepts and elegant lyricism. Like a dime that undresses right in front of you with a coke bottle figure showcasing the latest seductive Victoria's Secret lingerie collection that perfectly accentuates her curves, but won't let you engage in any hands on temptation, Black and Brown will leave you feeling just that... teased in the brief 20 minute duration of the record.

Written By Scott Kebo

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December 24, 2012

I will pay for a physical copy of snhotmieg, like vinyl. MP3s I can, and will, get for free.I definitely have way more mp3s than I do vinyl but my hard earned money goes to those who make vinyl

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