Operation NYC Journal Entry #2: Vandy C Hip Hop Promo Items!!!!!

December 25, 2011 3 min read 1 Comment

One of my biggest FAILS of 2011 was to do all the video projects that I had mapped out. I had all sorts of cool promo videos, exclusive FE "TV Shows", and all sorts of stuff planned that I'm confident of their pending awesomeness! The issue is that doing videos take a great deal of time overall; from the shooting coordination, footage review/notes, editing, and finally posting. It's been a challenge to find the time needed to be dedicated to it. As a result, I've been compiling an impressive amount of footage, just waiting to get edited and shared with the world. I have made a promise to myself to make that a priority for me immediately in 2012. I'm locking in a new team of video peoples to join my existing troopers and we are going stone cold get busy wit it!!

One of the video projects I was working on this year was documenting my trip to NYC this September and particularly my amazing acquired collection from the Brooklyn Hip Hop Legend, Vandy C. You can peep the first two videos HERE.

One of my first missions of the new year will be finishing up that whole "Operation NYC" series. That includes special videos showcasing a lot of the records that I got from Vandy C. Plus posting up some in-depth interviews that I conducted with some Hip Hop artists whose stories have virtually never been told. It ranges from Underground Legends to Unsung Heros, including Vandy C, Mic Professah, Bizzy of Bad Boys, Mr Spice, King Of Chill, DJ Ray Rock, DJ Royce G of Superior 4, & Sugar Daddy!

To hold you over I have a few special treats!! Of course, in the Vandy C collection I was excited about all the rare and hard to find records, but I found myself getting even more giddy about some of the promo items and personalized items that I found stuffed inside the record covers. I've posted a few of them below with a description, but there's a few other things that I'm going to post eventually tied in with other stories. Those are mostly bios and press-kits which include; Chubb Rock Bio, BTX Bio (group on Select Records who dropped one single), Euro-K Bio (group on Profile Records from Grand Rapids, MI), a Disco 3 Lyric Sheet for their "Fat Boys" b/w "Human Beat Box" single, and my favorite is a super-detailed multi-piece Spectrum City Press Kit!! It breaks down the history of Spectrum City (the group that would become Public Enemy) in more detail than I've ever seen, complete with photos, & shout outs!

Here's a few things that are more personal to the man himself, Vandy C:

Latin Quarters Winter Holiday Schedule 1986:

I think this is so awesome! I still get excited whenever I see this. Of course, Latin Quarters is a LEGENDARY New York club. This calendar covers Dec 19th, 1986 thru Jan 2nd, 1987. You can see booked show dates for the Bronx Girls featuring Chrissy C, Cousin MCs, Fresh Force (a young Kid N Play), Ultramagnetic MCs ("performing their smash hit "Ego Tripping"), Sean Baby & Ninja D (repping the "K.G. Dance"), and a New Year's Eve Party hosted by Mr Magic of WBLS featuring Biz Markie and C.P. Lacey "New Yorks Number One Impressionist"!! So classic!

Vandy C's radio show was called "Get Busy Or Get Lost". This is a limited edition pin he made for one of the countless events that he threw in association with the Radio Show. This was a big concert that had a crazy line up! He speaks on it in detail in his interview, coming soon!

I imagine this can only be Shout Out Sheets from the radio show. It's fresh to see all these names of crews, DJs, MCs, etc... that I never heard of. Where they Local Legends who never made it? Where they just normal people at home listening who donned "cool" names to call the radio show? Who knows... There's also shouts to cats who made records like Traybag MC, MC Lyte, Eric B, D Nice, K Rock (Lyte's DJ?), etc... Then there's the great "common man" shouts, such as "Clark & The Twins on Prospect PL". It's nice to notice that the Shout Outs span all across the boroughs too. Such a great piece of history. I feel so honored to be able inherit these.

The more I see things like this, the more I want a Time Machine...

Alright, I just wanted to give you fellow Hip Hop Fanatics a lil X-Mas treat to peep some rare artifacts. Stay tuned as continue to unveil the "Untold Stories Of Hip Hop" thru our "RedefineHipHop Initiative"!

Written By, A Man Determined To Post More Rare Videos/Hip Hop History/Interview/Exclusives in 2012 A.K.A, Kevin Beacham

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Promotional Items
Promotional Items

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