Mixed Review: Nikoless "Hiss-Story"

December 21, 2011 4 min read


 I remember so clearly how fun it was putting this mix together. I’m pretty happy with the Intro, there’s a lot of things going, but it all tells a unified story. In that approximate two minute span, you’ll find vocal pieces & snippets from (in order); U.T.F.O, Slick Rick, James Brown, Whodini, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5, Ultimate Choice, T La Rock, King Tee & DJ Pooh, Cella Dwellas, a Spider Man Record (same one used by Prince Paul on a few projects), Nonce, D.O.C, Ronnie G, Just Ice, Ugly Duckling, Danny Michel, KRS One, KC Work, Sir Mix A lot, Super Lover Cee, Main Source, De La Soul, 4Ever Fresh, J Live, Public Enemy, J Zone (speaking on the importance of tapes), Notorious B.I.G, Boogie Down Productions, King Sun, Chill Rob G, and probably some things Im forgetting…

The concept of this mix was really a tongue-in-cheek jab at the idea that all “mixTAPES” at the time I made this were on CD or Digital, and not a Tape in site… I decided to flip the concept by pulling songs from rare tapes, mostly demos and unreleased tracks, but by using digital technology I was able to finally mix them in a DJ set. To me, that is the true beauty of Serato, being able to go back and finally blend & cut these rare tracks for the first time! I actually got to mix and do doubles of my own demos and it was very satisfying.

Also, considering the source of a lot of this music, old beat up tapes kept in old shoeboxes, I was able to fiddle with the EQs and such and get it sounding pretty good. Quite bluntly, I think this is really good in concept and in execution and I’m not sure how many people have heard it, so I wanted to push it back out there.

Here’s the original piece I wrote about it when it first drop that gives some more insight on the project:

DJ NIKOLESS “Hiss-Story” (Originally Released January 2010)

Ah, it feels good to finally get a new mix out. I've been a bit uninspired the last couple years, but recently had the spark reignited to create. A few months ago I was approached from a fellow post-er, K Funk, on Philaflava.com and asked if I would do a mix for a special radio/tv program in his home of Romania. I was flattered and intrigued...

I then proceeded in procrastinating recording it until the last minute because Icouldn't decide what the "concept" should be and I am apparently incapable of doing any project without some sort of self-satisfying concept...ha. Around the same time, I was dedicating endless nights digging thru shoeboxes and transferring old demos, freestyles, radio shows and whatever else from tapes to MP3s. Then it hit me, most of these songs have never been on a mixtape and then I had a concept; a mix of all low quality, bad tape dubbed songs...ha. With the exception of 3 songs, everything came from a tape and those 3 exceptions are fairly rare in their own right. Actually, for a few of the songs used I don't even have real copies. I had to jack them from recordings of my old Time Travel Radio Show and doctor the intro and outros to make them work.

For those of you too young to have enjoyed the Tape Years, the title "Hiss-Story" is a reference to that wonderful tape hiss sound you hear...the worse the dub the "better" the hiss...this mix, is one tale in THAT story. -KEVIN BEACHAM [A.K.A NIKOLESS, FORMLESS, AMC, ETC]

Oh yeah, it also finishes out with some personal demos of mine in the early 90s; including a song I arranged for S.P.O that is produced by KBATE (of Underground Soulution), one I produced (Brain Leakage), and my own group, Savage Intellect [Written, Produced, Mix, Rapped by me].


DJ Nikoless-“Hiss-Story”

Intro (instrumentals used: KC Work-Rickety Rackety, Oh No-Cassette, Madlib-Tape Hiss)
Madlib-My Style Is Different... ‘95
The Distortionists-Retaliation ‘96
Kemest-One For Dah Mental ‘95
Stedy Serv-Lyrical Graffiti ‘99
Definite Vacation 4 Suckas-Perfection ‘97
Dirte & Ope-Ski (T.S.P)-I’m Only 19 ‘99
PRZM & Illogic-How We Do ??
Headshots-Look Into Our Wilderness
Kool Keith-You Know The Game ‘95
The LO’s featuring Erick Sermon-New Haven Connect
Raw Elements-Blauw ! ‘97
Of Mexican Descent-242 ‘94
K Borne-The Qwest [JEL Remix] ‘97
Funkytown Pros-Fake Ass Hip Hoppas ‘95
Brain Leakage-Brain Leakage ‘92
S.P.O-Puttin’ Heads To Bed ‘92
Savage Intellect-Technique Of Fury ‘90
Masai Bey-The Untitled ‘93

Artwork Supplied By The Good People of Romania:



*Bonus Song Joints: I used to hate when people would tell you there is a "hidden track", that makes it not so hidden, but since that's a lost art for the most part, I will alert you to endure the "hiss" at the end for a treat...

Written By, A Self-Promoting, Kevin Beacham

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