Book Review(s): Disco Patrick-The Bootleg Guide To Disco Acetates, Funk, Rap And Disco Medleys + Freddy Fresh Presents "Sampling/Resampling" Books!!!

November 29, 2011 4 min read

Our Book Selection is growing every day with lots of great selections of Hip Hop biographies, Hip Hop History, Graf, Hip Hop Photography and more!!

Freddy Fresh is a Twin Cities Hip Hop, Mastermix and Dance music legend! He has been active on the scene as a DJ since the early 80s. In the Mid 80s he made a trip to New York that lead to a opportunity to Remix a track for Boogie Down Productions during the time of their debut album "Criminal Minded" and ultimately that lead to a job with one of the most late 80s Underground Indie Record Labels, B-Boy Records (home of Boogie Down Productions, J.V.C Force, Sparky D, KC Work, Castle D, The Brothers, Buzy Boys, 5 Star Moet, etc...).

Then in the early 90s, Freddy Fresh started his own label, Analog Records. In 2000 he started his 45 RPM (7") label, Howlin' Records and has released a impressive catalog of Hip Hop Throwback tracks, Mega Mix Edits, Cut N Paste, Dance and all sorts of creative releases.

Most recently Freddy Fresh diversified his legendary status when he released his revolutionary and widely talked about and often referenced book, The Rap Records; an extensive catalog of Hip Hop records released between '79-'89. A must have for any Old School Hip Hop Fan or someone seeking to dig into Hip Hop History! He also completed a 3 CD Set companion set to the book The Rap Records: The Mastermix, which features amazing Hip Hop Mega-Mixes containing over a 100 Hip Hop tracks covering several eras & styles, all masterfully edited together + a incredible enclosed large poster picturing 100s of records.

Freddy Fresh recently reached out to us with some new books that he was involved with or were inspired by him. As for more on his history, stay tuned, we'll be conducting a full interview with Freddy Fresh soon to get his story on his start in the Twin Cities, involvement in the 80s New York Hip Hop Scene, DJing around the world, his various record labels, and Writing Books!!

BOOK #1: Disco Patrick Presents-The Bootleg Guide To Disco Acetates, Funk Rap & Disco Medleys

Disco Patrick is a music collector and fanatic living in Netherlands, who was convinced to make a book based on his extensive knowledge of rare records, particularly Disco, Funk, & Rap Acetates.

The book heavily focuses on Mastermix and Edit records. It's an incredible resource to some of the earliest recorded Mastermixes and Edits. For me, it was really exciting to get this book, because growing up I was always getting these tapes from people with all these random Mastermixes on them, but I never know who created them. Reading this book I started to see many familiar Mix playlists and I'm certain I finally have much of that info in my possession. I'm looking forward to going back to all those old tapes and matching the playlists to the extensive list in this book and finally knowing who is behind these critical parts of my music history and education.

The book contains excellent photos of a wealth of Super Rare records, as well as stories and/or interviews with the people responsible for them. A wealth of info on the studios where they were recorded, the labels that issued them and the equipment used is also included.

Upon reading it I also realized another great resource that this book would be. Once the 80s kicked in I became consumed with Hip Hop so I was listening to other forms of music but only in passing. There's a wealth of more underground dance, funky disco and things of the sort that I don't know about or only recognize them when I hear them but don't know who recorded them, so I haven't been able to track them down. Using these countless list of Mastermix Playlists I've been able to pin-point some songs based on titles and then just by seeing certain songs being used in so many mixes I would research them and find a song I HAD to add to my DJ Arsenal!

There's also a great chapter dedicated to Hip Hop specific Mastermixes. I have most of those, but a few left me salivating to get my hands on! Ultimately, this book is a must have for anyone looking to build their knowledge on Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, or Mastermixes!!!! I know a lot of people who know ALOT about music, but I don't care who you are, there is absolutely no way you won't learn a wealth of knowledge from this book in one form or another.


BOOKS #2 & 3: Freddy Fresh Presents "Sampling Dictionary" and "Resampling Dictionary"
Ah, I Remember the Mid/Late 90s when the art of Beat-Digging blew up! Everyone was searching for records and starting to dabble in production. I was given my first sample guide sheet from The Molemen via a source in Japan. I pretty much had that thing glued to my person. I was constantly referencing it when listening to Hip Hop tracks with those samples that just blow your mind!!

These books put that same power in your very hands! The "Sampling" book is listed alphabetically by the Artist doing the Sampling and list what they have sample on each song. The "Resampling" book does it in reverse, with the Sampled Artists listed Alphabetically and those who sampled them provided!!

Get your Beat-Digging skills up to legendary levels!


BOOK #4 & 5: The original is back!! Freddy Fresh just dropped off some additional copies of The Rap Records!! Pick it up either in the Original Edition or the expanded 2nd Edition!!


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