BluRoc Tour (Ski Beatz, Murs, Tabi Bonney, & More) Wrap Up: Video + Photos!!

November 04, 2011 3 min read

The BluRoc Tour at Fine Line earlier this week was one of the most fun and entertaining shows I've been to in a while. I really liked how they had a lot of intermingling of the groups thru out the show; McKenzie Eddy come out during Sean O'Connell and then took over the stage. She brought at Dash to do a song with her and then he held down the stage for a bit. At some point, Murs came out and did a few tracks with McKenzie Eddy. Ski Beatz came out and introduced the band, then the proceeded to go thru some of his classic beats, with him on the Sampler and the band on back up. He brought Dash back out to rock his joint from "24 Hour Karate School Pt 2". That led into Tabi Bonneytaking over the stage and he had crowd rocking with him. He brought out his guy, who was working the merch (I missed his name??) to kick a joint with him and he killed and then stayed on to do one solo joint, while Tabi ran back to hold down the merch for a second. Then Tabi did a few more joints before he passed it off to Murs & Ski Beatz to close out the night with a great set. Then the night closed out with Murs inviting Tabi Bonney back on stage for their joint track, "Hip Hop & Love".

Murs & Ski Beatz are a great combination. You can witness the musical side of that on the latest album "Love & Rockets Volume 1". Ski Beatz if responsible for 12 of 13 tracks and it's a powerful combination and results in what is an extremely enjoyable and well focused album. There's a wealth of powerful tracks on the album including "Eazy E" which is a awesome West Coast history lesson and anthem, "Reach Hire" outlines the career of Murs, and the album anthem, "316 Ways".

However, beyond the music, their personalities and particularly their sense of humor works perfectly together, making me excited to hear them to continue to make music and tour together.

Speaking of personalities, Murs is one of the most awesome people on the planet! He's super nice, funny and just a plain character. It's funny I remember listening to tracks of his before I met him like "4 The Record", "Murs Rules The World" and his verse on the Living Legends track, "Nowyouknow", which officially made me a fan of his. I LOVED this tracks, but had this feeling that he wouldn't be a fun guy to meet...ha. Now he's one of my favorite peoples in the world.

Ski Beatz also has great energy. He's down to earth. You can tell he is a fan of this Culture. Even after all these years of being in the game; from a independent artist to working with the biggest in the game, he's still humble and loves what he does. He talked to fans, on and off the stage. He took pictures. He appreciated them and thanked them when they let him know they appreciated him as well. You can see why he's one of the Hip Hop artists who has been doing his thing in the industry for over 20 years and is still winning new fans. Trust me, that is indeed a rarity in this Culture.

Anyway, look out for my interview with Ski Beatz posting up soon! If the BluRoc Tour is hitting your city, definitely check it out and make sure you pick up all the newest music!!

Here's a promo video from the in-store they did at Fifth Element:

Video Shot & Edited By Colton Otte

Here's some photos from the In-store and the Fine Line:

Photographs By Kirsten DeHaven:

Written by a fully inspired Kevin Beacham

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