Kid Robot: New Hip Hop Collection, Family Guy, South Park, Things That Hurt, & More!!

October 27, 2011 2 min read

Check out the Fifth Element Collection of Kidrobot Goodies NOW!!

In case you didn't know, beyond awesome CDs, Vinyl, T Shirts, Hoodies, Art Supplies, DVDs, Jewelry and other cool stuff, Fifth Element is also an official retailer for Kidrobot!

Kidrobot just went all out with a bunch of new treats, including some cool Hip Hop related stuff. Peep the goods:

-All City Breakers: Straight out of the South Bronx, Kidrobot's first series of All City Breakers celebrates the best dance style born from 70's hip-hop culture.

Individually foil-wrapped and blind, each b-boy and b-girl's punctuated move is captured perfectly in plastic - a stylized freeze.

Injection-molded and inspired by the retro but classic green army men and their solid plastic bases, these breakers flaunt moves from Power to Flex in four neon colors: pink, green orange and blue.

Each 2-inch art piece is paired with boombox to deliver the beat. No matter what your style, you're gonna want to choreograph a collection of your own.

-"2 Turntables & A Microphone" 3 Inch Figure Set:
Sample this. Artist MAD hooks you up with all the right DJ equipment from his Bent World Beats Mini Series. A 3-pack designed to please your eardrums.

Standing 3" tall, two vinyl Mr. Spins and a Mr. MC are "Bent" with an angled posture, equally crooked personality, and exclusive red and gold paints.

These Bent World Beats feature articulating arms and premium window box packaging.

-"Bent World Beats" 3 Inch Figures:
In his latest 3" vinyl mini series, MAD stylizes the tools of the music trade to bring you an entourage of 19 new characters, each one of them "Bent" with an angled posture and equally crooked personality, including Mr. Spins, Da Jam, Taps, Boomer and Plugged. Each comes in two versions: "Studio," fresh from the sound shop, and a "Tour," broken and battered with well-placed tags and tears from days on the road.

Beyond the Hip Hop stuff there's also "Family Guy" 3 Inch Figures, "South Park" 3 Inch Figures, "South Park" Zipper Pulls, the ever-intriguing "Things That Hurt" Zipper Pulls; which includes Guns, Razorblades, Knives, Brass Knuckes, Grenades, Bombs, and other fun trinkets. Plus some other cool things as well.

Got a collectible itch? Then stop on it. Also, get that early jump on Holiday shopping with some "better than your average" stocking stuffers... Fifth Element + Kidrobot = Awesome Fun Time!

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