Atmosphere TCF Stadium Show Recap + Photos!!

October 24, 2011 2 min read

I was really intrigued to go to the Atmosphere UofM Show. I was curious of how an event like that might go down. In my mind, it was exciting in some ways, but potentially strange in other ways…ha. Plus, not being much of a sports guy, I had never been to TCF Stadium, so thought it would be cool to check it out.

I got in the campus area right around the time of some sort of Pep Fest that I could see it on the big screens as I drove by. Once I parked and grabbed some food, I could hear Atmosphere getting started. Rather than rush inside I decide to take my time. I’m the type who always likes to experience something in different ways. I don’t always need to be in front of the stage for the best experience. There was something satisfying about being in the distance, several blocks away and being able to hear, fairly clearly, the sounds of Atmosphere. Being that I parked many, many blocks away, that music also served as an audio beacon guiding me to TCF Stadium. As I got closer I could see the big screen with Atmosphere playing and I decided to watch that for a little bit, it sort of helped build the anticipation for getting inside.

From there I made my way around to the entrance and there were droves of Teenagers pouring in and around the area, filled with youthful energy. I hung outside for a bit and listen to more of the set as I did some people watching. Then I headed upstairs to check out the show.

The stadium is massive and beautiful inside. It was about half way thru the Atmosphere set at that point. The aisles leading to the seated areas were filled with dancing and excited fans…making it quite a challenge, or in some cases impossible, to really get to your “assigned seat”. That wasn’t an issue, as you could get great sight lines hanging out in the various back areas, so I just moved around for a bit to a few different spots to enjoy the show from different angles and among various crowds. The energy there was pretty amazing!

At that point, I didn’t find the fact that it was in a stadium or a Homecoming event the least bit weird. It actually reminded me of many the early Hip Hop shows I used to go to in the late 80s/early 90s, which were generally in large stadiums or pavilions. As for something more recent, it was similar to my Beastie Boys experience at the Roy Wilkins in St Paul, but with better site lines here at TCF.

All in all, it is always fun to take in a show like that in a significantly different setting and it was definitely a great time. Plus I haven’t been to a Homecoming in years…. :)

Photos By Kirsten DeHaven:

Written By Kevin Beacham

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