Blu-2011 Releases +The Fifth Element Natural Selection Tour In-Store (w/BLU, OPEN MIKE EAGLE, JNATURAL, & MC COLORLESS!!!

October 10, 2011 4 min read

Blu has positioned himself as an Underground champion with a rapid growing fanbase. To supply the demand of the hungry & loyal supporters he has delivered a steady supply of music. Often that music is gone and unavailable, in certain formats, almost as quickly as it appears. Recently and Semi-Recently he has made a few different projects available or re-available in retail:

“Her Favorite Colo(u)r”: Originally available digitally only, this was a heavy talked about album. Fans waited eagerly for an official version of the album to drop. Blu answered earlier this Summer with a CD & LP version. This self-produced album is an excellent submerging into his style. Sample sources pull heavily from “ballroom era” soul, melodic pianos, intense dialog, and intriguing drum programming.

"Amnesia": This is a limited edition 10" Vinyl companion piece to "Her Favorite Colo(u)r". It features the aforementioned track, plus a new version of the track as well titled "Amnesia(Rewind)". On the B-side you have "Since", also from "Her Favorite Colo(u)r" and bonus track: "Good Morning". Also, includes instrumentals for the first three tracks as well!

“Jesus”:LP only release with 11 tracks. Features a rather impressive production line up of Godlee Barnes (a Blu alias), Rome, Hezekiah, Madlib, Alchemist, and Knxweldge. Hezekiah’s “Burgandy” beat is bonkers. Blu rides it perfectly, showcasing his skill for being charismatic and in your face, yet also remaining calm and collected. “4U” has all the makings of album single and has a lot of potential from its mellow production to its simple and engaging singing hook. I couldn’t help, but thinking how perfectly it would blend in with some “LabCabInCalifornia” era Pharcyde. “Doo Whop”, produced by Alchemist, features Killa Ben and Planet Asia, in rare form with his fluid flow. However, Blu sparks it off with an impressive flow of his own, paired with excellent use of wordplay and visual imagery, keeping him the center of attention. Of his three self-produced tracks on “Jesus”, “Lucky” is my choice pick. It is perfectly reflective of the “Her Favorite Colo(u)r” vibe.

“Open”: This is a showcasing of Blu’s growing production skills, as he pairs himself with a host of other vocalists to represent on his beats. “Open” reveals Blu has learned to widen his sound palette, but maintain his “signature” sound. “SteelRemains (Raw)” is an excellent example of this, as we find Blu, in one of his two vocal appearances on the album, at possibly his most aggressive*. It’s also ridiculously quote-worthy with a wealth of great lines. The first verse is arguably one of his best ever with plenty of wit and hidden jewels. It is certainly an easy contender for any “Rhyme Of The Month”or more talk. Peep**, “God in the spirit, titan in the flesh/Tyson with a left, writing lyrics that I manifest/A fresh…breath of life, up at night, finding text to express what it’s like to grab a mic to get a…check/One, Two, for the Twelves on deck/Yes, vinyl, best collect (be)fore the final press/Press play, label-less, until I find a nest/Lay eggs and make lemonade, come and tongue…taste/Don’t be afraid, Grade A’s the best/School days I was in daze but it wasn’t cess/It was bass, heads knew not to test Blu, WHO blessed more projects than a test tube/Too sick to catch flus/Trying to catch floozies/Lady caught me in the green room with a groupie/Protect thee, not with a weapon/Truly, I’m blessed with a gift to talk shit, but I’d rather spit lessons/Heads below the heavens/JJ was the most fun during the sessions/C.R.A.C helped me get out my aggressions/Kinda like confessing, while collecting the respect I was getting/Now they say I’m headed for greatness/No longer weightless/Dropped three albums in a year and got another on the way kids/Wait till it drops…Props/No, I’m ain’t trying to be Pompous, but my shit’s so Raw!” The second verse is pretty nasty too and the beat is dusty and heavy, purely bananas!

Other stand out tracks are “Remember Me” with D Tail & Definite and “Part Time Suckas” with Chop and the, massively under-looked, Fresh Daily. Honestly, all the tracks range good to really good, making this a completely solid album. Blu is a well-rounded talent, headed to a increasingly brightening future…

He’s also headed on tour with Open Mic Eagle, J Natural, & MC Colorless and will be making a stop in the Twin Cities on November 7th for an ALL AGES & FREE Fifth Element In-store Performance!!


Blu-My Sunshine:

J Natural-I Am Where The Music Is:

J Natural featuring Medusa-They Want Sex:

Open Mike Eagle-Bright Green Light:

Open Mike Eagle-Nightmares:

MC Colorless-Feel Like Me:

*Comparably energy to Johnson & Johnson’s “Half A Knot”…
**That’s my best transcription from multiple listens. I think I’m pretty on point but it may not be perfect, but regardless you can see how ill it is!

Written By Kevin Beacham

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