RedefineHipHop: Grey Matter Interview!

October 06, 2011 3 min read

Several years ago I made a few trips to Orlando, Florida, for either Scribble jam or with the homie, Maddillz, who brought me out to be a part of his successful Lounge Battles event. I had some great experiences on multiple levels. There's an amazing underground scene in Orlando and I was able to take in a lot of it in my short times there. The artists there are definitely about mastering their chosen craft and have a real underground feel. It also seems that people in Orlando have more similarities to New York than other Southern East Coast states I've visited. I made several connections that I have maintained in one way or another from those trips; X:144, SPS, Murdoc, Kap, Optiks, etc...

However, one my most memorable experiences came while sitting in a car... I had a wonderful driver by the name of Melody and on one of our trips she was playing this CD and every song captivated my attention. I was really intrigued by the detailed concepts and how well the MC articulated them with great vivid details, plus how the music was always a direct reflection of the song's mood and purpose. Truth be told, rarely do I discover a new artist that impresses me like that. After a few cuts I had to ask her who it was. She told me it was a local crew named Grey Matter. I was on a mission to hear more music from them every since...

I established contact with the group, Illustrate and Tempermental and they started to send me some tracks, which eventually led to me getting their self titled CD that dropped last year.

This album was undoubtedly one of my favorite albums of 2010 and one of the best albums from a new artist that I'd heard in a long time. I still find most of the album in heavy rotation in my car and ipod.

Their music is so personal, passionate, and relatable that listening to it makes you feel as if you already know them. They have mastered the art of opening a window into their lives thru their music. The realization of that encouraged me to reach out for an interview in order to dig a little deeper into how their music reflects their everyday lives, as well as how it also differs from it.

I feel like this interview perfectly captures that. You witness the real powerful elements that are captured in their songs, but also tap into other realms of their personality that may not be so plainly evident in their music, such as the fact they are both really funny dudes who happen to be making some powerful and serious music...

Interview Part 1:

Interview Part 2:

The Grey Matter self-titled debut CD has been difficult to find lately, but I'm working on getting it back in stock and they are in the process of finishing up some new music, including a upcoming FREE EP and eventually a official follow up album. Tempermental also has his hands in some production works, including a EP with fellow Orlando MC, Shinobi Stalin.


Text Written & Interview Research by Kevin Beacham
Video Shot and Directed by X:144
Interview Edited By Claudia Giple

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