Mixed Review: DJ Nonstop-8Deez and 9Deez Skool Of Hip Hop!!

September 02, 2011 2 min read 1 Comment


At 6 AM tomorrow morning I'll be heading to the airport for a flight to New York in order to conduct a serious of interviews with some 80/90s pioneers, underground legends, unsung heroes of Hip Hop. For some reason these two mixtapes from DJ Nonstop popped in my head as a great means of getting in that mindstate. It ties together even more nicely being that DJ Nonstop is from Chicago, the city were I got my journalism start.

DJ Nonstop has been submerged in the Culture for a long time; from his graf days with ABC Crew and of course, in perfecting his DJ craft. His first big break in the business came in the early 90s when he was enlisted as the DJ for Dance Music Group with some Hip Hop flavor, K7 who were signed to Tommy Boy.

Although the group had Pop appeal and may not be a representation of what most would call "Pure Hip Hop", make no mistake about it, DJ Nonstop is B Boy to the Bone!

I encountered him a few times in the mid/late 90s thru one of his DJ partners, Boogie Boy. They had a crew called the 1200 Assassins that also featured DJ Massacre (Molemen fame) and DVS. They released a crew mixtape that was an excellent showcasing of their skills.

However, DJ Nonstop made his official break into the mixtape game with his "9Deez Skool Of Hip Hop" tape and then followed up with the Prequel, "8Deez Skool Of Hip Hop". Both tapes are excellent time capsules into those eras. Of course, they are stocked with a wealth of classics, but he also makes sure to get busy on the wheels. There's perfect and seamless blends, precise and intricate scratching and well constructed sound collages.

I haven't spoke to or heard from Nonstop in quite some time, but a quick google search lead me right to him. I was happy to find that he's still touring around rocking turntables! He's been the tour DJ for DMX for years. He's a member of the Heavy Hitters crew. Plus he's doing a weekly mixshow on WGCI in Chicago. No doubt, he's still making moves!

You can catch up with him, check his full bio and new projects at: DJ NONSTOP On Facebook!


Download includes 8Deez Skool Of Hip Hop, 9Deez Skool Of Hip Hop & 1200 Assassins!! Plus cover art (where available), 1200 Assassins original playlist and tape scans for all three!

Written By Kevin Beacham

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December 12, 2011

What up NonStop! Great to hear from you and glad you enjoyed the review. Man, those mixtapes used to be in heavy rotation in the car! True road trip material. Thanx for checking out the blog. Please spread the word, there’s a lot of Hip Hip History on here; Chicago and beyond! Peace

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